There’s a lot of things I’ve regret. Much more than I can remember actually. As a Mercenary and or Bounty Hunter, I’d go out of my way to do whatever it takes to earn a credit stick or two to makes sure my belly was full of grub. Whether it’d be stealing a certain data disk, or assassinating a random cantina goer that I’ve never even laid eyes on. Those were the days.
The days I regret.
As excited as I was to get some credits in my stash and maybe even gain a bit of a reputation. During those times I only took contracts and bounties out of greed. Out of wanting more. More credits, and I had plenty already. Not enough to buy my own estate, but enough to get by. Taking on Bounties or Contracts for credits and credits only, was never really my style. When I was much younger, during my days in the Red Hand I remember taking contracts as skill test rather than a way to earn funds.
Having this mindset, I went into tasks level headed and never underestimated my opponents. I always saw every potential foe as extremely dangerous, and treated them as such. But since the Red Hand disbanded, since I went solo, I’ve changed. Maybe it’s the loss of companionship that drove me to act out as a greedy bastard. Or maybe it’s my survival instinct kicking in, credits are survival tools in this galaxy not only can it keep you full, but It can get you out of a lot of “tight” situations. But I’m too much of a fighter to use it as bribery.
Eventually I’ve got to change, for the better.
Ick. Just reading that in my head makes me feel kouwahh.