Who Are We?
The Covenant is a collection of young, idealistic force users begun by Aela Talith and her friends desire to do good in the galaxy and turn back the tide of evil that has taken hold within the core.
Those that join the Covenant are of the light. They do good, want to do good, and use only the lightside of the force.
As stated by their creed the Covenant is no subdivision of the Jedi Order. They consider themselves a wholly new force in the galaxy, one designed to be proactive, rather than reactive. Their goal is to seek out and destroy the darkness before it ever touches the light.

What Do We Do?
For lack of a better term The Covenant fights evil. Though this is an incredibly naive statement, the Covenant holds to it nonetheless. Each and every single member of the Covenant has a desire to see the galaxy turn into a better place.
Every member of the Covenant seeks to do this in their own way, but the Covenant itself is designed to stem the tide of darkness within the galaxy via force. It seeks to combat the overwhelming evils that even the Republic has failed to stem
This means the Covenant will clash with those who they see as the causes of evil in the galaxy. This includes but is not limited to The One Sith, The Primeval, The Techno Union, and many other factions who would seek dominion over the free peoples of the Galaxy.

What Makes Us Different?
Quite simply, The Covenant is different because its less restrictive, more proactive, and generally more focused than other factions of the same nature.
As is stated in our code, we are not the Jedi. We are not another splinter group coming from the Jedi Order like the Silver Jedi, nor are we the Jedi Order themselves. Though some among us consider themselves to be Jedi, most of us don't. We are lightsiders who see the evils of the galaxy and can relent no longer. We wish to take a proactive and strong offense against those that would hold dominion over the free peoples of the Galaxy.
We do not take in darksiders, we do not suffer Sith of any sort.
Unlike some factions we have no issue with Corporations, as long as they aren't proponents of slaver labor, and or 'evil'.
We do what we think is best for the people we defend.
We will not shy away from conflict but will continue to actively seek it.
The Covenant as a whole exists to seek out evil, and destroy it. We do not cooperate with those that would defend or take in darksiders, and though we believe there is a path to redemption, it must always be earned.

Who Leads Us?
Though its foundation was primarily driven by Aela Talith, The Covenant itself has no centralized leadership.
Unlike the Jedi Order, The Silver Jedi Order, or many other galactic organizations the Covenant has no Grandmaster or single leader. Each member is allowed to speak, and each member is allowed to hold their own opinion. Most decisions are reached through popular consensus.
In general, it tends to be the older voices within the crowd that sway the actions of The Covenant, though this is mostly because they are more 'wise'.
It is also accepted, that in times of extreme strife or urgency the word of Aela Talith and Mara D'Lessio Merrill is law. The two girls being the oldest and arguably the most prepared for any situation that might transpire. Those within the Covenant know that when emergency strikes, Aela and Mara are best equipped to get everyone home.

What Is Our Goal?
For now and always, we fight Evil.
Currently, this will consist of going into public threads to help lightsiders, aiding larger factions in invasions, and starting our own skirmishes against the 'bad guys'. As we grow, and as our faction develops, we have plans to take the faction beyond the minor stage and go into a Major Faction.
Once we accomplish Major Faction status our goal will be much the same as it was before, fight evil in a proactive way.

Is Everyone A Force User?
Absolutely not!
We have only one non-force user right now, but we would love to have more non-force users. As long as you have a desire to do good and as long as you don't mind hanging around with a bunch of force users you're absolutely welcome to join. Were here to make friends, have fun, and enjoy ourselves!
There is opportunity for everyone in the Covenant and we would love to see all types(Lightside!) join us.

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