To call the atmosphere in the council chambers on the Incarnadine ugly would be an equal understatement as calling the Sanguinity uncivilised. Of course it is a matter of perspective, but the ordinary citizen of the Galaxy would most likely be knocked unconscious by either the smell alone or die of a heart attack looking at the demons which were discussing 'politics'.
The 'Court of Bones' was a small hall in the centre of the mighty flagship of the Sanguinity, an elevated throne, carved out of the bones of murdered people was at one end of the room, on the opposite side was the large metalic door. The court was lighted by fire pits which stood between the seats of the Magisters. Those chairs were more simple versions of the Anarch's throne, but made of the same materials. Bones, open fires and the flickering and dancing of shadows at the wall are not what makes this gathering an abomination of civilisation, but its attendants. Copper rust and mould were ranking its way along the walls, visible between the banners of the Sanguinity. Flags of famous units, standards made of skin, some fresher than others, the individual banners of the Magisters behind each throne and of course the sigil of the Anarch were decorating the walls of the council chamber.
Each seat was not directly standing at the wall, but they stood in a stretched ovale directly in the room, having room for servants and lifewards behind and for holographics and displays in the centre. Ten thrones. Ten individuals. Many Sith claimed to spread fear by their presence due to their Dark Side nature, their uncontrolled emotions and powers they could wield. The fear one would feel here was different.
The Anarch throned above his nine lieutenants, all sworn to serve and die for him, to live in servitude of his vision of the Sanguinity, to fight for it and to kill in its name. He was a huge abomination of the results what bio-chemical engineering could do with a human. Clad in dirty red power armour, pointy edges and stings at the shoulders, skulls and 'fur' serving as decorations. The fur were human scalps, or of other species and serving as a cape around the shoulders, like a warming pelt. His armour was bearing seals of devotion, written with blood on the flayed skin of the defeated, each paragraph written in the cruel mother tongue of the Sanguine Worlds. His four-jointed fingers were resting on the arm rests of his throne while watching his commanders with his dead, white eyes.
To his right and claimed to be the best among equals was Magister Yaerren the Sacred, a Pau'an, though the species could only be told by his stature. He was wearing a long robe of khaki colour, a sceptre with a glowing gem at its top which was encarved in a hand. His head was hidden by a strange helmet, the entire face a vertical mouth of long teeth, stretched in a scream and only darkness between the jaws, his voice, a terrifying whisper, coming from this deep, black hole. He was a military mastermind and had no equal in the room.
The second on the right was Renok Tang, the raider. He was known in the Galaxy already for his bloody missions to test the strength of others and acquire slaves and wealth. His company was the Damogaur of the Chain Breakers, his personal death brigade.
The third was Bra'Gra Tion the Innocent. Dressed in a black armoured bodyglove, his dark skin and bright blue eyes gave him his title. He was accompanied by kids, his life wards. Three gene-manipulated children, 'upgraded' with stims, implants and armed with various blade weapons, he was proven his title false as being not only weird, but one of the most cruel torturers of the people present.
Seated next to the Innocent was Lucius, commander of the Necroguard. The Necro´s and their leader are a famous unit in the Sanguine Band. Dedicated to the law and cultural enforcement, they are a military police like enforcer. But without laws, conscience or restraint limiting them. Their tool is methodical genocide, excellently broadcasted and advertised. He had a charismatic smile which accompanied him into every situtation. Moreover he was kinda pretty which made it worse. If not born into the most savage society, he could have become a true leader.
The last one seated on right of the Anarch is Lord Tren, Magister and apprentice of Gaur. Clad in a red plate armour, with large blade breakers, he was chosen as a form of apprentice by Gaur because of his skill as a commander. He was a deadly leader and had one trait which made him most efficient, second only to Yaerren - he was not leading from the front. Unusual and disrespected for this seemingly cowardice, his successes speak for him. He had a passion for engines and siege craft.
Starting with the first of the four of Gaur´s left: Magister Theritan. The Dread Witcher. He was a strong Force user, though of course he didn´t know either what the Force really is and he believed it to be a gift of the nameless gods, manifesting in chosen ones like himself and the Anarch. He was capable of abusing the elements like earth, fire, wind and water, crudely but deadly. He was a fanatic and was beyond sanity and mental health, but also utterly devote to the Anarch.
Seated next to him was Hurlac, Magister of the Bolto'Nen enclavers. He was clad in leather only. Flayed skins, tailored to make a suit of it. The dark pink Zeltron was missing cheeks, as a cut has opened his mouth from one end to the other, on purpose or by being the victim of an attack is unknown. His warbands are known to take either slaves or skins only, rarely leaving anything unharmed. His ability to keep someone alive while torturing was myth already.
The third one was Magister Jang Ironhand, earning his name by the extreme cyberntical implant he had as his left hand, a large armoured gauntlet with a wrist mounted blaster. Known for very costly material battles and preferring to see everything as cattle which is breeded to serve the thrist of the Sanguinity´s blood. His methods are barbaric, even for Sanguinity´s standards.
The last of the nine was most likely the most terrifying individual in the room. Magister Octa. She was clad in a beautiful black dress, tailored to perfectly fit her stature. She had long black hair and a skin which was milk and perfect. There was nothing imperfect about her, no flaw. She was the most unusual individual in the round of monsters and abominations. Her appearance was normal, but she featured an agility and speed in her actions, that there was nothing funny about it. She had several curved blades hidden in her dress and would open a mans spine or back faster than he could cry for help or realise that he is dead already.
Everyone in the room was a killer, a murderer and a warmonger without equals. They were considered the best of the Sanguinity and by their leader, the Anarch. Their individual skills were telling tales of unimagined horrors and they looked hungrily at what was showed to them.
The large holo-device in the centre was portraying a flickering map. The map of the known Galaxy including hyperlanes.
With a smile which was piercing his own teethridge and making him bleed, the Anarch rose his voice. "Let us begin ..."