OOC Note.
The Corporate Authorities of Denon is the government that controls and governs planets and territories within the Darkwire influence cloud. They are unrelated and unaffiliated to the Darkwire criminal organization.


The Corporate Authorities of Denon have monitored the recent changes in the Confederacy of Independent Systems trade and travel legislations. The changes currently ongoing in nearby systems has resulted in turmoil among trade conglomerates and spacer guilds. Following the upheaval the Corporate Authorities of Denon would like to announce to galactic traders and spacers that a new branch office has been established on Denon to dedicate time to the handling of these new complications. This branch office, for a small fee, can supply the required documentations and assist with the filing of these documents to Confederate officials, and / or offer security services to caravans travelling around Confederacy space.

Corporate Security, CorpSec, has garnered its own reputation as a shrewd and powerful authority capable of handling even the most challenging encounters with pirates or syndicates. This experience is drawn from veterans who have spent considerable time in action against dangerous criminals such as those of the Darkwire network. By purchasing our premium security package for your caravans you're guaranteeing the ultimate security provided by CorpSec and ensuring the safe passage of your goods. Client satisfaction is the number one objective of the Corporate Authorities!

Denon is open!

This message has been authorized by the ExO and Direx Board of the Corporate Authorities of Denon.