For my son. Corrin, I hope when you read these that you understand I was a different man at this time. The galaxy was a different place. The Jedi were looked at like gods, and the Sith were a myth parented used to scare children. The Republic was privileged and stagnant. Nothing was the way things are now....and that was where your uncles and I came from.


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I remember a lot of things about Geonosis. I remember the heat, dry and unrelenting. Even under our plates, we could always feel it. It wasn't sticky like Kamino, and it sucked all the air from your lungs and replaced it with dust. No matter where you went, it was always there. Even on the Laarties, you could feel it, pressing down on you like a thick blanket and the more you thrashed against it, the hotter it became. The only place it ever seemed to relent was in the bugs' burrows, and I would happily walk around in that heat bare to my shebs than go into one of those hell holes ever again.

That's what always comes to mind when I think of Geonosis. The heat. It's a nicer thought than everything else--the blood, the screaming the mass panic. Geonosis was the first battle of the war, and one of the bloodiest.

The Jedi were made generals by the senate, and I can't really blame them for it. The bathrobe brigade had been cleaning up every mess the Republic made for the past ten thousand years or so. Regardless, the Jedi were ill equipped to lead our men. They sent our RC teams out like standard infantry: we lost a full quarter of our man power in two days.

That is where your uncle and I came in. Galaar had lost his guys as soon as boots were on the ground. I'm not sure how he survived--he never talked about it. I was the Sergeant in Fox Squad. We weren't anything special, but we did our job well. We lost a brother, Josy, because some Padawan thought he was with the Seps.

She lost her head and chopped him in two. You could say Fox learned of the inability some Jedi had before the whitejobs or any of our brethren; it was needless to say our opinion of the Jedi Order had soured, but it didn't change much. They were still generals, and we still followed orders.

We were shipped out to sabotage a Sep landing pad a few clicks into their territory. It was what we had been trained to do, and Galaar slipped into the squad without much issue.

We bumped heads for awhile. He was trained by a different Sergeant--a di'kut named Vau. We-- Comic, Jackpot, and myself-- were trained from birth by Sergeant Skirata. Both Mandos, both very different men.

Still ,we were professionals. We were inserted on a Laarty a few klicks out. Resistance wasn't light, the Jedi were keeping them busy over one of the far ridges. We cut through the droid patrols, and put down whatever Geonosian Overlord happened to poke out his ugly head. Comic went down once, but we got him moving again.

Again, it was all dust, and it was all blood. We cut through one of the abandoned battlefields on the way to the landing pad. Even today, I have never seen so much gore. Droids kill cleanly. They shoot our boys, blow them up, sometimes they crush them, but its always clean.

Bugs are savages. They would come down and rip a man in two, or set a whitejob on fire just to watch him squirm. Their offspring would spring up from the rocky crags to climb on a soldier, and rip his throat out. Other times, they cut into the armor, and climbed in. I don't think I need to say what they did after that.

Pieces of shattered bone and severed limbs were everywhere. These odd birds the Geonosians kept would come down, and start eating the corpses as we went by. they always went for the whitejobs first, poking out eyes or stealing a severed arm. Then they went to the bodies of their masters, greedy di'kuts.

We made it to the landing pad around 19:00 that evening. That was where we met Jan. Jan was a Jedi who had just been Knighted, and as such, had decided to move on his own to offer us his assistance. Together, we fought off a legion of battle droids and cut down at least a dozen bugs. I can't be sure on the exact number, Galaar liked to exaggerate his KC.

We erased the pad from the Geonosian landscape with a few det charges. Jan led us out of the ravine, and we eventually rendezvoused with General Kanji and the 108th Armored.

Zero hour had passed, and the first day of the Clone Wars was over. We had a night's rest, ate with Jan, welcomed Galaar into Fox, shipped off soon after.

The rest of Geonosis was much the same. A lot of explosions, a lot of blood, and a lot of idiots giving stupid orders. we left the world about a week later along with the rest of the GAR. We would return a few months later, the bugs were wily creatures, but we had won our first battle.

We had seen both the good and the bad the Jedi Order had to offer. There are good people in everything, I think you just have to find them. That, or they come looking for you. The same goes for the bad eggs.

I'll be covering Dxun when I find the time to write again. That escapade was a bit more...significant. Whatever you're doing now Corrin, just be careful. You're the legacy of a lot of good men. Learn from our mistakes, and you might just make something of yourself.

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