Weeks passed since that fatal moment, since the fallen Jedi Knight embraced his anger and hate as he took the life of an unnarmed opponent, completing his journey to the Dark side. His new Master, Darth Insatious, the man he hated more than anything in the galaxy had been aloof, neglecting to begin his training until recently. In the weeks leading to this very moment, the fallen Knight had abandoned his former identity as Cas Tynen, forging a new one to go with his dark deeds, Cadere. Cadere had also been fitted with a new cybernetic arm to replace the one destroyed in Cas Tynen's duel with Darth Insatious two years prior.

Finally, the Sith Lord would begin the Apprentice's training. To further immerse himself in he Dark side of the Force, Cadere would have to bleed his Kyber crystal. Secluded in a quiet dark room, blacker than the cold depths of space, the Dark Jedi stood in its centre. The amber Kyber crystal was firmly gripped in Cadere's gloved hand, the helmeted Dark Jedi's visor glanced toward the Force-sensitive object, scanning its contents, he could feel the Force's Light surrounding it. It called out to him, to return to the Light but that was no longer an option - for him to truly stop Darth Insatious, he needed to embrace the Dark side.

Cadere fell to his knees and held the crystal out in front him, now holding it with both hands. To really immerse himself further, Cadere knew that he would have to dig deep, much deeper, to the depth of his soul where all his darkest feelings resided. His grip around the yellow Kyber crystal tightened and the Bleeding would begin - Cadere recalled on his experiences over the past two years, rage toward Ciara's clone for betraying him, hatred toward Insatious and all he'd done, the fear of failing and losing those close to him, and the pain of the torture he experienced for two years. Replaying them in his head over and over, the memories, emotions, trauma came rushing and broke through the Dark Jedi like a dam, flooding into the Kyber crystal.

It resisted, the Light side object fought against its master, blue static-like sphere of energy formed around the crystal and created a feedback, bolts sparked and flew. It returned fire by engulfing Cadere in a series of visions. The most prominent being Zemira, she stood in front of him, smiling with her hand held out "This isn't the way, Cas. You know it isn't." part of him wanted to take her hand, desperately, but Cadere proceeded to bury that part of him away "This is the only way." he told the apparition. He knew this is what he had to do and further intensified all of his negative feelings, calling back to every terrible thing that had ever happened to him. The loss of his arm, all the deaths on Dorin, the lives he saw snuffed out by the Bryn in the war, Zephyr's burning corpse, all of it.

Cadere unleashed an ear splitting scream as he recalled it all, pouring everything he experienced into the resistant Kyber crystal as the blue energy emitted from the Bleeding intensified, lighting the room blue. Then... it stopped, the bright blue lights had dimmed, the blue bolts had quieted and he no longer felt any resistance. Cadere felt himself panting deeply, unaware of how the Bleeding took a physical toll on the body too. The Dark Jedi reeled his arms in before rotating his wrists to where the Kyber crystal now would face him. Cadere's eyes lowered, making contact with the now crimson Kyber crystal. The 'music' the crystal would exude when he was Cas, when they were one, had ceased. It was silent now.