~844 ABY~ Within the family residence of House Xiluk in a darkly lit sanctum sat four hooded and cloaked figures of blackest night. In the darkness only the resonating red light of the pyramid-shaped holocron that sat in the center of the room cast ominous shadows to the four figures that knelt before it, forming a circle around the Dark holocron.
They sat in silence gazing at the Dark Holocron; Their emotions raged.... and one of them stood, casting back his dark hood.. revealing a crimson skin of a Chagrian man adorned with tattoos of obsidian colored Sith markings. The man spoke to other three, who silently turned their heads to him as he activated his lightsaber. The snap hiss of the crimson blade as it sprung to life, humming and hissing in its own malicious way caused the wielder to shiver with the power he held in his hands...the power he felt with the Dark energies emanating from himself, and those around him..
Vaezan Xiluk spoke... "We are of Xiluk... we are Sith." his voice trailed off as the other three dipped their heads and also stood, activating their own lightsabers and let down their hoods, among them was Vaezan's youngest son Vashjyr; Crimson skinned Chagrians all of them, adorned in vicious Sith tattoos. Vaezan continued, addressing his brethren as their Dark energies flowed within the holocron, every few moments the red hue that dwell within it would pulse..
"Our line has faithfully served the Sith without question for generations. Without fear, remorse, or hesitation our own blood has been spilled in service to those who know only selfish greed... now so few of us remain." Each of the four bowed their heads in turn and deactivated their lightsabers and place them at the foot of the dark holocron as they began to chant....
"Peace is a lie... there is only passion."
"Through passion... I gain strength."
"Through strength... I gain power."
"Through power... I gain victory."
"Through victory... My chains are broken."
"The Force shall free me."
Their voices became a crescendo of zealous proportion, the holocron shivered and shook and pulsed violently with red energies...the dark energies in the room poured into it taking with it memory, thought, and action... and suddenly and without warning the holocron released a dark pulse of energy that shook the foundations of the building and sent the four Sith to their knees. The dark holocron grew quiet and the red light within it burned with malice.. Vaezan spoke, addressing his kin. "The old ways are dying.... but we must not forsake them. I will take the holocron, and my son with me." Vaezan looked to his son, then to the other two and spoke to them as his son took his place behind him, "You two know what to do..find the others. Start with Korriban.." They nodded and said nothing as they pulled their hoods over their heads, and proceeded to out of the room to begin the search for their kin. Vaezan looked to his son, and handed the holocron to him. "We have work to do..." his son said nothing as he followed his father out of the room, and onto a landing pad outside where their ship awaited them.