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Intent: To establish myself as The Soresu Knight by making a sword that suits my needs
Development Thread: (The main way people work for their toys, though most submissions don't require a development thread. Restricted items require specific development threads. Substantial development threads can help judges approve more powerful submissions. If in doubt, put 'If necessary,' and a judge may or may not ask you for one. Threads cited here must be at least 10 quality posts.)
Manufacturer: Ryan Arthmael
Model: N/A
Affiliation: Ryan Arthmael (Vince at the time of writing this)
Modularity: No
Production: Unique
Material: Phrik

Classification: Sword
Size: One handed
Length: 25 inches
Weight: 5kg
Special Features: Made of Phrik (or Songsteel depending on what comes first)

Description: The Arms of Soresu was created for the Seven Swords' Third Swordsman. It is heavy compared to most swords, but the extra weight would do a Soresu user more good than a very light weapon. The crystal in it is oddly a lightsaber crystal Ryan found on Midvinter a year ago and it is nothing to this blade but a decoration piece.
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