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[background=[font=tahoma]Name: The Ariav
Designation: Non-Sentient
Homeworld: Zanjiani
Language: N/A[/font]
Average height of adults: 1.8 Meters (around 6ft) at the shoulder.
Skin color: Black
Hair color:
  • White
  • Black
  • Browns
Breathes: Type I
  • [background=[font=tahoma]Powerful [/font]
  • [background=[font=tahoma]Breathes Fire-like substance [/font]
  • [background=[font=tahoma]Flight[/font]
  • [background=[font=tahoma]Sharp Claws and teeth[/font]
  • [background=[size=3]Excellent sensory package[/size]
  • [background=[size=3]Won't die from a normal dose of Scarred venom[/size]
[background=[font=tahoma]Weaknesses: [/font]
  • [background=Broken wings never recover[/size]
    [*][background=Kodashi Viper venom is deadly[/size]
    [*][background=Burra Fish oil is deadly {Allergy} [/size]
    [*][background=[size=3]​Scarred Venom acts as tranquilizer

[background=[font=tahoma]Distinctions: [/font]
  • [background=[font=tahoma]Majestic Mane {Both Sexes}[/font]
  • [background=[font=tahoma]Wings[/font]
  • [background=[font=tahoma]Heavy coat[/font]
  • [background=[font=tahoma]Retractable claws[/font]
[background=[font=tahoma]Average Lifespan: 100-150 years
Races: Nine
Estimated Population: Actual Population unkown[/font]
  • [background=[font=tahoma]Uncommonly found in the mountains of Dalakia[/font]
  • [background=Rarely seen in the savanna
  • [background=Never seen in the Badlands or the Bayou
    [background=[font=tahoma]Communication: [/font]
    • [background=[font=tahoma]Roars[/font]
    • [background=[font=tahoma]Growls[/font]
    • [background=[font=tahoma]Hisses[/font]
    • [background=[font=tahoma]Groans[/font]
    • [background=[font=tahoma]Moans[/font]
    [background=[font=tahoma]Culture: In the Zanji religion the Ariav are believed to be descended from the warrior god king Artaxias. As such they are looked upon with respect and only killed if they threaten the village or for ceramonial purposes. A challenging foe to be sure, the majesty of the Ariav's visage can be found on all sorts of surfaces and paintings throughout Zaji art and literature.
    Technology level: None
    General behavior: While mostly seen by itself, the Ariav rarely lives alone. As they mate for life the Ariav only breed once or twice in their life time. [/font]
    • [background=[font=tahoma]Mating ritual[/font]
    • [background=[font=tahoma]Mountain living[/font]
    • [background=[font=tahoma]What they eat[/font]
    • [background=[font=tahoma]Live or egg born?[/font]
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    Notable Player-Characters: None
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