"The Anti-Zeltron and James Justice Immigration Act"
Signed into Law in the year 849ABY

Signed into law at four thirty this morning, after a drunken party that left the King so drunk he was mumbling about how the sky was falling, he declared that no Zeltrons and a man named James Justice are banned from immigration to Kesh.
In his words, this was the following reasoning.
"My fellow, beautiful peoples, I have decided that that guy named James Justice and all Zeltrons are banned from Kesh. They breed like rabbits and it would only be a matter of time before those creatures overran us."
No one can answer what in the galaxy a Rabbit is, or what concotion of drink caused this, but the law was signed later that night using a spoon covered in ink, which he had been previously using to eat...
That is all, for this News Update from Kesh.