Directed by Yikesy McCringerton

Screenplay By Hashtag Weirdchamp

Casting By Howar Westillhurr

Soundtrack By Ohkae Broh


T O T A L L Y--N O T--B R A D--P I T T

A L S O---S T A R R I N G

R A N D O M D I S C O R D L A W Y E R G U Y (R.D.L.G.)

G U E S T---A P P E A R A N C E S---B Y
T h a t s A B i g O o f

@I n n o c e n t__B y s t a n d e r

A L S O--S T A R R I N G

T H E--B O S S



I am guilty of many things, but I think that's what me and you can relate on, poor person I suckered into reading this. I think that's why you even bothered to pay me a visit. We have a lot in common. We're both here, at Chaos. I think you might enjoy the place, if you stuck around for more than this drama laced blog post. But we also both don't care if you like, wanna go do other stuff.

That's cool. I'm not obsessed with you, nor you with me. I don't occupy real estate in your brain, nor you mine - we have a pretty healthy relationship. You want to roleplay. I provide the place. You want to do it in a peaceful setting, the Staff team provides the peace. You want to not deal with the troubles of the world and just immerse yourself, and we help ensure that can happen.

But occasionally, our community needs to address some real issues.


LOW EFFORT ACCUSATIONS MADE WITH ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY. Oh yeah, that's right, we're all caps now. Let's say it again, LOW EFFORT ACCUSATIONS MADE WITH ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY. That's what it's all about. That's why Staff can be occasionally slow. Because they play by rules.

Rules that this guy, and so many others, will never adhere to.

Accusations are so dangerous, especially in this day and age. They're unwieldy and they are wildly successful in the court of public opinion. All you have to do is make something up, and there it is, now it's in your brain. "Tef's a sexual predator." Boom, got him, I ain't explaining shit.


Imagine if I put you, reader, on full blast right now for something you know is a lie.

Imagine it was so vile and repulsive. And you knew all your friends, maybe some of your family were reading it.

Right here in front of god and country.

How would you feel?

...but we've never done that, right. Definitely not on discord, right.

Baseless accusations?

Definitely never did that.

Accusations without evidence. Let's focus.

So, I went to go visit Random Discord Lawyer Guy. And this is the part where I don't release the full raw logs of our conversation.


I blocked him, seeing no road forward in THAT discussion lol, and went to TGC's discord to thank Staff for their time to talk about how there was no beef.

A bit of context: I saw him popping off immediately but he was blocked, so I wasn't seeing what he wrote at first. WARNING: I do get a little "hot under the collar" in the following shots.

I don't wish to sway the mind of anyone still reading this sad cringefest, but at this point I've already talked to "sorry for mistaking you for the guy who threatened my family" guy.

Almost at the end. Another reminder, we're in a public discord, not a private message.

After this, TGC Staff rightfully intervened as it was their Discord, I apologized for the disruption and left.

Accusations are dangerous, and they spread like weeds. They need to go to people who are held accountable for their responses. Not this guy.

And not you. Not the mob mentality. That's not justice.

I've shown you just one day of how it looks, and I'm very capable of dealing with it.

I'm just asking you to please think. I've seen you worked up. You say "that guy's deranged",

absolutely dismissing that you could ever reach that level.

But you have, haven't you.

And even after you can see the toll it takes, the damage it does...

What if you are wrong?

...Be kind to each other.