Solan continued to poke at the fire that he was generating in front of him. It was a technique he had picked up a long time ago from his father but something he was rarely able to make use of. In fact, there was a lot that he was unsure of in how to use the force and even as he sat there his eyes scanned the flames.
It had been a few hours since he had seen the girl and her family being assaulted by two men who had no business living. Granted he had made sure to correct the mistake that had been their very existence, but not before failing to act in stopping the girl's loss of her parents. He had frozen in that moment and only when she was being forced to kiss their dead faces did his body move on its own. He barely even remembered how he had killed them but he knew it was not a sight he would be meaning to revisit any ti- was that a footstep.
His head turned to find a pipe being swung at him and he went wide eyed for a moment as his entire body fell backward from where he was sitting. The pipe following him and aiming to smash his head in like a melon, something he really did not want to happen anytime soon. So rolling was his answer and rolling was how he avoided gaining a pancaked skull.
Lo and behold, the one holding the pipe was the girl.
"Hey hey hold on, I'm the one that helped you. Stop trying to hi-" Too late, the pipe being shot into his gut as he tried to get up and reason with her, sending him to the ground with almost no air remaining in his lungs.
Had she to be kidding him right? His had helped her out and wasn't one of those guys. What was her problem... and why was she crying now.
He sighed as he wasn't being hit anymore, but seeing her cry was almost no different to being smacked around with the pipe. She didn't say anything and all he could tell was she breaking down on a massive level. Only then did he see she had cut up her hands too while holding the pipe and worse off she was bruised and beaten.
He probably would have noticed the latter injuries if he had looked her over after saving her but he didn't want to do so until he knew she was ok and as he looked at her it was obvious that was not the case.
With a sigh, his hands removed the jacket that he had been wearing, a simple leather one where he stored most of his items with the exception of his father's saber which hung from his waist. Then with slow movement similar to that of a snail, he put the jacket on her shoulders and spoke.
"Hello, I'm Solan. Look I found what was happening and helped but I need to help treat your bruises and the cuts you now heave thanks to your rather zealous beating of me. Ok? Just shake your head if you are ok with that. You don't have to speak or even tell me your name."
When she did he sighed and took her hands to look them over, his own hands moving to grab a pack of med gel from his jacket. Sure this was an emergency stash but it wasn't like he had a hospital or medical unit nearby that he knew of so it would have to do.
As he was working he learned a single thing from her, her voice speaking up in a soft and quite reasonable terrified tone. "I'm Rose... is my mother and father..." Solan could only nod as he worked, not wanting to answer her as he heard her start crying again.