Dear Diary,

I think they know. Omega Pyre has long stood as the bastion of all that is awesome - I love the place, as it loves me. I had Ayden build a Panda Statue in Fondor's Times Square, honoring the image of my newest character, for no other reason than I could. I shower my people with gifts and knowledge, passing the most delicious secrets of technology and ship-building that I possess to their Faction Admins. It's why they're so good at it. I've also let them in Mason the Green God's secret Sanctuary forum to frolic with the rest of us as we delight and chuckle at those less fortunate. I continue to misdirect the general populace with words like "new event" and "rank titles" to hide my true intentions. Lewis's suggestion. It has worked, thus far. Very effective.

Sarge brought over baked goods and white wine last night to the weekly party so we could all laugh about how we totally didn't give Tund to the Confederacy because we totally knew that's what they were going for, and not because I'm the Michael J Fox of map makers. Silly SWRPers. They'll never know how truly corrupt everything is. I had Soliael banned for like 3 days last week because he said something along the lines of "This isn't fair or right" in the Skype chat the other night. Psh. Little did he know my left hand is named justice, and my right - truth.

Welp, I'm off to go randomly promote a couple more Omega Pyrates and shadowban those who notice.

-Tef out