My Fellow Echani and Citizens of the Compact,

After investigation it has come to my attention that in the years after the reign of Janira Fenni, and entirely unsanctioned by Queen Jacobs, an element of the Compact subjugated the Thyrsians upon Thyrsus once again and established a colonial rule over the world that remained outside the purview of the Queen. This was in direct violation to the Pact of Almerra.

In response to this news, and despite the knowledge that the Thyrsians have overthrown this illegitimate rulership and slaughtered the Echani who resided on the world, I am launching an investigation into the matter. The elements responsible for circumventing the Queen's rule cannot be allowed to remain in place lest they do so again and thwart our efforts to rebuild and return to who we were before the renewed tensions with the Thyrsians arose.

We are no longer at war with Thyrsus. Please remember this and treat our brothers and sisters from the world with respect.

I thank you for your time and I wish you all a pleasant day. Remember, together we rise, divided we fall.


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