My Fellow Echani and Citizens of the Compact,

It is my pleasure to write to you today this first decree of my tenure as Queen. I do hope that my time in this position will serve us all well and that you will find some comfort and benefit in my leadership.

In recent years we have gone through a difficult time. Our homeworld has been attacked and defiled by not just the Mandalorians, but other enemies as well. I very much understand the desire you all have for vengeance. The lives that were lost were many, and I have commissioned a memorial to be created and installed in honor of those who were slain when the starship crashed into our capital city. Those who perished in that tragedy will never be forgotten.

However, in order to grow and move on, I am announcing a permanent cessation of all hostilities with the Thyrsians, and a temporary moratorium of conflict with the Mandalorians. We need to focus on rebuilding and getting stronger and not falling into the trap of revenge. I will be sending emissaries to the Thyrsians to discuss a non-aggression pact in order to protect ours and their interests moving forward.

Additionally, slavery is hereby outlawed within the Compact. All slaves, Thyrsian or otherwise, are to be immediately freed and their owners are to provide each former slave funds of no less than fifty percent of a typical year wage as they would have received as an indentured servant.

I'm aware this will upset many of you, but anyone refusing to comply with these orders will face full punishment as directed by Echani Command.

I thank you for your time and I wish you all a pleasant day. Remember, together we rise, divided we fall.



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