My Fellow Echani, and Citizens of the Compact,

Many of you may wish to know our political/military stance towards the various factions of the galaxy when planning your everyday lives. What follows is the current stance of our worlds towards the known/encountered galactic governments/organizations.

Faction/Political Stance/Military Stance
Agents of Chaos/Neutral/Hostile
Galactic Alliance/Friendly/Friendly/
New Imperial Order/Friendly/Neutral
Order of the Silver Jedi/Friendly/Allied
Outer Planets Alliance/Neutral/Neutral
The Bryn'adul/Hostile/War
The Confederacy/Neutral/Neutral
The Eternal Empire/Neutral/Neutral
The Sith Empire/Hostile/War
Zweihander Union/Neutral/War
Wardens of the Light/Friendly/Friendly
The Thyrsian Hierarchy/Neutral/Neutral


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