Oh boy...Where to start...
First off, I've been waiting since November to see this show. I bought floor tickets when they went on pre-sale with my AMEX card and they were the most expensive concert tickets I've ever bought in my entire life. Gillette Stadium is about an hour away from me out in Foxboro MA. The traffic on Route 1 at 4:30 (2.5 hours before the show) was insane. There's only 1 road in and out of the stadium, and only 2 lanes per side. We parked our car in a Papa Gino's lot for $40 so that we wouldn't have to spend 3 hours leaving the stadium (I've been caught there during a Kenny Chesney concert in the past where it took 3 hours to leave), and then walked the rest of the way to Gillette.
It started at 7:00. Shawn Mendes was the opener for the show, and while I'm not a fan really, he was still good. He played about 4 songs and then Vance Joy played. He played another 4 songs (And Riptide was included obviously), he kind of reminds me of Kit Harrington in some ways. There was fun intermission videos of Taylor answering people's questions, as well as a bunch of other stars and celebrities who are friends of hers answering questions as well. It was pretty cute and a fun way to break up the down time between switching things for the different artists.
9:30 was when Taylor came on. And the entire stadium made enough noise to likely hear from six towns away. I've been to several concerts at Gillette, all of which were sold out, but never heard a crowd as loud as this. It was insane. Not only was it loud when she came out, but it was loud the entire time! Every single song the entire crowd was singing to, and all of the lights, special effects, pyros, fireworks, fog, dancers, background videos, acrobats (Yes people were swinging around on the stage), and backdrops were incredible. She also had a new outfit on for just about every song (I honestly have no idea how she changes that fast from leather outfits to sparkling dresses to skirts)
At the end of Out Of The Woods she asked the crowd to sing with her one more time (obviously this wasn't gonna be the end cause everyone does encores) but I swear it looked like everyone around me was about to cry that it was over so I didn't feel alone in that. Most of the songs were (obviously) off of the new 1989 album, but she did play a few of the older songs like Love Story (Which was awesome and re-done on keyboard) and Fifteen, but the one song I really wished she'd played was Mean. Boo...Maybe next time. Anyway, the last song was quite obviously Shake It Off. I am glad she saved it for the end because it was such a perfect way to end the show.
The full set list is here, but I spoiler'd it in case anyone will be seeing the show in their city.
  1. Welcome to New York
  2. New Romantics
  3. Blank Space
  4. I Knew You Were Trouble
  5. I Wish You Would
  6. How You Get the Girl
  7. I Know Places
  8. All You Had to Do Was Stay
  9. Classic (MKTO cover with MKTO)
  10. Fifteen
  11. Clean
  12. Love Story
  13. Style
  14. This Love
  15. Bad Blood
  16. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
  17. Wildest Dreams
  18. Out of the Woods
  19. Shake It Off