As assigned by the Forum Proditors, I am tasked to hunt down James Xingh, a traitor of House Exillion. I have been given all personal effects recovered from his address on Starmark, as well as digital copies of passports, licenses and medical records. I was immediately intrigued by the traditional tattoos that mark him as a serpent priest. I believed that cult was long dead but the tattoos appear fresh in pictographs as recent as two months ago.
Am I surprised by their reappearance? Not at all. They are as troublesome as the vermin they are.
My latest intelligence reports that James was seen in talks with a xeno mercenary, a Keshiri that is identified by the name Léon. Background checks indicate he was a swordsman for the now inactive 'Carrion Company' mercenary troupe. There is a distinct three-year blackout period in the Keshiri's history following his departure from Carrion Company. I will have one of my scriptorum page boys look into this further. For now I will travel to the capital of Starmark and begin discussions with House Solvala, where I believe James has fled in hiding.
If diplomatic discussions between House Exillion and Solvala fail, I will have to send one of my men to go undercover in the jungles of Solvala. I have a contact working at the Gaius Spaceport who I believe can get anyone I require in without the necessary paperwork officials would ordinarily need of them. Alas, I get ahead of myself. I can hear my vessel taking dock now, I will begin packing and leave for the capital. Long Live House Exillion.