[b]Knights of the Fallen Empire Storyline[/b]
Storyline: 84/160
  • Chapter 1: So, you are having a fun time on a ship, meeting with Darth Marr looking for this evil Emperor dude. Then boom! You get attacked and captured. Then you meet the antagonists, Valkorian, Vaylin, and Arcann, and your put into carbonite. Not a very fun chapter. The best part is the end and even then, that is pretty boring. 5/10
  • Chapter 2: Dream sequence. That is literally the entire thing. 3/10
  • Chapter 3: You are freed from carbonite by Lana Beniko and you are on the run from the people attacking you. Action packed. New companion. Fun. Interesting. Its great. 8/10
  • Chapter 4: Story gets an immediate slowdown. You find a ship and basically make camp. At least you get two new companions, HK-55 and Koth Vortena. 4/10
  • Chapter 5: You get attacked and you meet this cool new character named Senya Tirall. Then you fly off. Not much happens. 6/10
  • Chapter 6: Sidequest in which you stop off to get some fuel and some crew. You meet this crazy dudes that annoy me named the Scions. There is also a random twist in which Senya is the wife of the evil emperor, Valkorian. 5/10
  • Chapter 7: Sidequest in which you run around the planet, Zakuul, meet a cult, and recruit SCORPIO. Boring. 3/10
  • Chapter 8: OMG! ARCAAN AND VAYLIN IS ATTACKING! HK DIED! OH GOD! Lots of action. Much fun. Much cool. Yay. 8/10
  • Chapter 9: You meet this alliance full of cool dudes who want to join you. Also, you get Theron Shan as your companion. This is a great chapter because you finally get some One-on-One time with your companions. Sadly not much action though. 9/10
  • Chapter 10: Sidequest in which you recruit Kaliyo. No. Boring. You meet Kaliyo. That is the only good thing. 2/10
  • Chapter 11: Sidequest in which you recruit Aric Jorgan. No Boring. Not as boring as chapter 10 but still boring. 3/10
  • Chapter 12: Literal mental torture. I wish I could skip this chapter. Its so boring. Its just you doing chores for Darth Marr and Satele Shan. I guess you get cool bosses though? Even the bosses won't save this garbage. 1/10
  • Chapter 13: Sidequest in which you help Gault Rennow and Vette have a heist. The best chapter. Funny characters. Fun. Action packed. Interesting. 10/10
  • Chapter 14: You work with the Mandolorians to capture a droid named "GEMINI Prime", which controls much of the enemy's fleet. Its solid. That's about it. It doesn't go above and beyond. It's just fine. 5/10
  • Chapter 15: You work with SCORPIO to capture a GEMINI droid. THEN SHE BETRAYS YOU! A very unmemorable chapter. I don't even remember much of it. 5/10
  • Chapter 16: The epic ending of the expansion... Isn't so epic. You basically attack the ship Vaylin and Arcann is on and beat the sh*t out of Arcann. Then Senya joins Arcann so they can be buddies and escape together. Its very anticlimactic. I'll just say that. Its fun. Very fun. Just very anticlimactic. 7/10
[background=Antagonists: 20/30[/font]
  • [background=Vaylin: Very fun character. Insane. Kinda funny. Such a great character. Such a dangerous villain. 10/10[/font]
    [*][background=Valkorian: Very generic, cliche evil old man that makes you question morals. Its a good cliche though. Plus, great acting. 7/10[/font]
    [*][background=Arcann: Boring, emotionless villain. Nuff said. 3/10
    [background=Companions: 38/60[/font]
    • [background=Lana Beniko: Intriguing. Fun to talk to. Kind but intense. Plus, I kinda have a bias towards her. 9/10[/font]
      [*][background=Koth Vortena: Goody two-shoes. Whiney. Brat. Annoying. I hate this guy so much. 2/10[/font]
      [*][background=HK-55[/font]: Funny. Nice. Entertaining. 8/10
      [*]Senya Tirall: Interesting. Intriguing. Nice voice. Bad*ss. 7/10
      [*]Theron Shan: Lots of personality. Entertaining. I love this dude. 7/10
      [*]Returning Companions/Alliance Alert Companions: Shoehorn. They are fine. 5/10

    Total: 142/230