Following the events after the destruction of the Omega super weapon and defeat at the hands of Alkor and Atheus. When the hangar bay was torn apart by the alternation of Saveroks own Rapture cannon and the subtle fracture of shatterpoints. There was only a flash of light. Drifting through space like the slab of burnt armored meat that he was the Gen'dais mind fell blank. His body perfectly persevered by the harsh conditions that was open vacuum. For years he avoided death by sheer chance... Or was it? Many times vessels pushed past "him", prodded at him and disregarded him. Each interaction gently moving his course away from life.
Death was certain. The only direction was toward a Red giant and that would the utter annihilation Of Saveroks terrorist reign on the galaxy. Alas it was not though. Trapped in the gravitational pull of a sun Saverok found Salvation in the form of an Organic vessel. Picking him up and taking him aboard, idle and ready hands picked away metal armor fused into muscle fibers and nerve. Etching away every technological difference and replaced with Organics of their own nature. Yorik-Coral.
For the duration of years Saverok hung in hibernation with the grasp of the Embrace of Pain. Dormant and shielded from the pain. The torture device only began when the host was awake. For it did not kill. Bloodshot eyes opened wide examining a flesh like room.
Then the pain began.
Some fates are truly worse than death.