So I was wondering whether to put an entry up this early but Kregg...boy Kregg had to make me throw a blog entry up...
BUT before that I'd just like to go back on my previous post - the Intro, where you guys had the Agent obliterate his opponent The Trooper (Sorry, Iron Maiden) in a contest of who would you choose over the other. So yeah, I was aiming to give a chance to play the Trooper now but the positives you guys gave for the Agent were too much for me to ignore. Besides, as I said before, I like them stealth characters (Sorry, Vengeance).
What I understood is that the Agent's story is too good to miss out on while the Trooper's got just some nice mechanics animation wise. Additionally, Sniper Agent is #trending.
Hence, I will be putting up an Agent on the North American Ebonhawk realm these days and see what goes.

Let's get back to the purpose of this entry - Lazarus of Bethany...ahem...the Mandalorian Kregg on Dromund Kaas.

I had just arrived on the amazing underdeveloped planet of Dromund Kaas where apparently the spaceports stink. Mako had to even interrupt my passport check with a 'story cinematic' of how she complains they stink. Like I needed to know.
Thanks, Mako.

~~Honestly though, this little things are what have made me enjoy SWTOR to some extent right now. The story immersion as well. It really is done in-depth. Compared to WoW (which I will use as benchmark probably all the time) it puts you on the helm of your story. The game is really tailored about YOU rather than 'hero' or 'adventurer'. This I can see with the loading screens that summarize my bounty hunter Kyr'bes' (I suck at names) story so far.~~

Back to the story. So, I go straight towards where the purple indicator is, slaying random mobs on my path. Kill after kill, I just keyboard smash. I am honest here, I simply keyboard smash and no problem. This is where I got a problem but I will get on to it when I reach Lazarus...Kregg.
On the way, I got the HEROIC +2 to kill Kregg the Mandalorian and his badass Mandalorian pals. The CAPS LOCK kind of scares me so I think "Hmm, if it needs more than 2 people, it has to be tough. Let's check it out.". So I immediately head to where this Kregg is supposed to be and immediately halt at the sight of two massive Mandalorian armored fellas patroling.
*Mando fanboy scream*

After that 5 minutes break of just wanting to be one of Kregg's buddies. Cause Mandos brah. I go back to at the task at hand - Metallica - Kill 'em all.mp3
I notice the golden plated target, implying these mofos ain't joking. In the end, it is HEROIC+2.
'Kay, Grim, no keyboard smash.
Cracking my fingers and putting my faith in Mako's hungover droids that keep spewing last night's green whiskey, I engage with my rocket launcher.
Pulse drastically increased.
Pulse drastically decreased.
Wait, I didn't die ? Not even one drop of damage ? No ?


It did take me more time to drain their HP down but I had gone to keyboard smashing after a few seconds. HEROIC+2. Skrew it brah, Mako and me, we dem boyz.
So I get to kill this Kregg and head to the nearest settlement which is on my way to where my story continues. There some Twi'lek gives me a side quest - Kill Kregg.
And I expect that the story would've swapped with the fact that I had just killed him.


Kregg is back.

~~inb4 Respawn scrub. I know mobs respawn. My little issue is that it could've been made that if you kill Lazarus, your dialogue changes to - I already killed him and you get the XP. Such a feature was included in numerous quests in WoW for what I remember. Yes, not all but quite a few. As I said, though, a little issue. Something that took my attention, especially since the dude is considered HEROIC +2.~~
~~Can't die. I don't know how it goes further on, I really want you guys to let me know cause up till now I am keyboard smashing and #MakoHealz have been sustaining me like crazy. I really hope that it becomes much more difficult ahead cause in the current situation I can't really 'grasp' what my character does.~~
So that's my little story and rant for today, I will go back to play some more with my really anti-fashion bounty hunter, see how it goes.
Thus, I leave you guys, since you are way more experienced in SWTOR than me, with something to discuss.

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