Herein lie the completed works detailing the adventures of Arlan Zy'rosh. From the distant past where credits dominated his heart, to the loss of loved ones that racked his ideology, to the reeducation given by a Jedi Master, all can be found and will be told here. The tale of Arlan Zy'rosh is long and arduous for certain, but one that has only just begun.

Battered, beaten, broken, Arlan suffers the consequences of living a life outside the law. Left for dead by those seeking vengeance upon him, his wife and mother gunned down beside him, Arlan pulls himself free of the carnage left in his wake and hides himself away to heal the wounds he had suffered. However; within him something has changed. Faced with such great loss Arlan has found himself descending into a dark void which offers no return. When all that keeps a man alive is the thought of retribution, is it possible for Arlan to walk the path of redemption instead?

Chapter I: Pains of the Past
It was Felucia on which Arlan finally found himself still for any great deal of time. Here he thought he could lay low until his injuries finally mended and he was once again in prime shape. However; the universe in all it's wisdom would have other ideas for Arlan as a stolen medical research vessel and a lone Jedi Master both touchdown in close proximity to his camp. Faced with a harrowing choice Arlan agrees to accompany the Jedi Master Serra after the medical ship's hijackers, but what they find is anything but what was expected. Facing a Sith Acolyte, Arlan and Serra prove victorious and after which Serra opens Arlan up to the world of the Force.

Chapter II: A Whole New World
Weeks after meeting Serra on Felucia, Arlan finds himself upon the Jedi world of Ossus. Serra's promise to show Arlan the inner workings of the Force seems to prevail as truth for shortly after arriving Arlan begins the first stages of training. Now a Padawan and Serra his master, Arlan tried to grasp hold of what it means to take the mantle of Jedi and their role in the Galaxy. The task is not something done easily, wrapping his mind around ideologies that to him seem so out of place in the Galaxy he knows. Thanks to Serra's patience however, Arlan is able to slowly come to terms with things as they are and push onward towards the next step in his journey.

Chapter III: To Conquer Fear
Though initially discouraged by his lack of ability with the Force, Arlan steadily progresses in during his time on Ossus. Seraphina, Arlan's master, guides her pupil with all the undue caring one in her position can give and for it her student thrives. Believing Arlan now ready to begin his training with the fabled weapon of the Jedi, the Lightsaber, Serra and Arlan engage in their first sparring match. Wherein, though full of vigor, Arlan learns the hard way that his past training does not transition into his new life. Taken down hard and subsequently receiving aide from Serra, Arlan's eyes are opened again to the mystery of the Force and to to hope that even he can become a great practitioner thereof.