Below you will find both Pre-Creation and Post-Creation stories detailing the life and adventures of Mangus Abraxius.

After his rapture from slavery at the hands of Master Rorris, many great tales came to pass in the following years as Mangus studied under him. These works reveal in greater detail the events of Mangus' past and the events that led to the creation of the man he came to be.

Chapter 1- Broken Chains[T.B.A.]


After resolving to leave finally leave the life of crime and debauchery he had found himself stuck in for many years, Mangus Abraxius has set out on a new path just as his Master had wished for him. In hopes of seeing more of the Galaxy and perhaps finding a clue to his Master's whereabouts, Mangus has chosen the path of a Smuggler. A hard road for any man to travel, and harder still for one struggling to master the ways of the Force.

Chapter 1- Rendezvous At The Cantina[COMPLETED]
The start of Mangus journey began with an unexpected broker of counterfeit documents and a new confidant in the guise of a fellow Corellian. Esme Pallas, a struggling artist and part time ne'er-do-well, met with him in a seedy cantina for a simple delivery of the new papers Mangus had arranged for. However; to their surprise, the meeting turned more cordial and upon parting each would find they had a new friend.

Chapter 2- Meeting The Hutt[COMPLETED]
Meeting a Hutt is never an easy thing for a man to bear, and even more so when that Hutt is the ruler of the Hutt Cartel. After cutting ties and paying off old debts Mangus found himself devoid of monetary means to start his smuggling venture, and though he hated asking Sempra the Hutt for a loan it was the only means available to him at the time. While the loan was agreed upon and before the dealings done, Mangus struck another deal with the Hutt, One that paved the way for the acquisition of a new Star-Freighter.

Chapter 3- Shipworks Of The Cartel[COMPLETED]
Directly following the events of his meeting with Sempra the Hutt, Mangus made his way to the docks in Dnalvec where his newly purchased ship was said to be waiting for him. There to greet him was not Sempra himself, but the stalwart Jasper Awaud whom at first sight was not impressed with Mangus in the slightest bit. After a brief mix up, and a few harsh words exchanged, things got back on track between the two stubborn men and out of it Mangus took possession of his new ship, The Maverick.