Onboard the command bridge, standing tall and proud with hands clasped behind him was a gray uniformed elderly Lorrdian with reddish skin. His beard was a mixture of gray and white. Looking through the viewpoint displaying the brightness and blue of lightspeed. The admiral's right eye twitched and he gritted teeth as if seeing something detestable through the vastness that was space.

He could hear the crew at their stations ever occupied with their duties. Monitors beeped, voices calmly exchanged information or gave out instructions. Soon enough footsteps came behind him. Slowly turning the admiral saw a Kel Dor male in Imperial captain's uniform who stood at attention and saluted.

Returning it he demanded.


"All ships still accounted for Admiral Taye. It will be a few minutes from now before we enter the Corsin System."

Good the commander thought with the evidence of a smug smirk. Soon they will strike fear and achieve glory. His subordinate's demeanor then began to show concern causing the Admiral to scowl.

"What is it?"

Suppressing a sigh and clearing his throat the captain answered with a question of his own.

"Is it true you're still ignoring the summons to Carlc?"

Rolling both eyes Admiral Taye then retorted.

"I'm not Korvan's pet that has to beckon at his every call! He is just trying to justify his miserable existence since the Empire's fall.”

Being an expert in body language, Taye could tell the captain was surprised at how he blatantly insulted the former Grand Moff of the Empire. Well the Admiral felt no need to hide his distaste for Korvan anymore. Turning back to the window Taye added.

"Once we sack Corsin for all it's worth under the Alliance's nose we will prove to our estranged bethern that we don't need Korvan nor his schemes. They will recognize my superiority."

Admiral Taye grinned savagely just envisioning his triumph. Behind him and out of view the captain shook his head in silent disagreement. His commander was becoming too obsessive over this but to argue with him right now would only get himself killed. He had seen Taye execute others for less.

The admiral then demanded.

"Any word from the infiltration team?"

"No sir. Not for the last twenty four hours. We keep requesting updates but there has been no response."

Taye frowned in reaction, still looking out to the main viewpoint. He then remarked.

"They better have that planetary shield generator down by the time we arrive."

One of the deckhands below called out.

"Admiral, we're making our final approach."

At the news Taye couldn't help but grin again. In his mind glory and new power awaited him. Then they came out of lightspeed in front of the tropical world of Corsin.


Their force consisted of two Imperial Class 1 Star Destroyers, one Stalwart Class Carrier, three Nebulon-A Escort Frigates, one Escolta-Class Frigate and three Vandal Class Corvettes. The ten ships were arrayed in a spearhead formation with the destroyers and carrier being in the center part.

Staring down at the planet calmly Admiral Taye asked the crew.

"Is the planetary shield down?"

There was a brief awkward silence before a young ensign below at her console reported.

"No Admiral, the shield is up and active!"

The warlord froze upon hearing that. Then a communication officer called out.

"We're getting a fullscals alert across the world. Their defense force is being moblized. The infiltration team was found out. They know we're here."

"Jam their communications! We can't let them alert the Alliance!" The captain immediately shouted and that order was complied.

Meanwhile Admiral Taye kept staring at Corsin's surface. This was supposed to be a simple raid to demonstrate his power to the other warlords in the north. But now though…

"Orders sir?" Captain Sohas Di asked, stepping to the left side of his commander. The latter at first said nothing but his twitching got worse. Then finally he raised his right gloved hand and shouted.

"Attack! Send out all our two legions for the capital. They are to bring down that shield generator. Half of our squadrons will go in as support but the rest will be held in reserve. Kill all who resist in the city and enslave the rest."

Privately the captain had a bad feeling about this but Taye just gave a direct order. Quickly he saluted, replying.

"It shall be done admiral."

The Kel Dor officer briskly walked off to relay the orders. Admiral Taye looked to Corsin once more but glaring. He whispered to himself.

"I will not be denied."
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