The Clarity of War

We are pleased to bring the viewers of Stellar! these rare interviews as to give insight and clarity to one of the most hotly contested and rightfully confusing conflicts of recent times. This unit was able to secure an interview with the Mandalorian Empire's own [member='Valdus Bral'] the Alor of Clan Bral and a main combatant on Eshan. As well as gaining a one on one interview with a Confederacy of Independent System's Exarch [member='Srina Talon']. In this recorded interview we delve into the questions on many of our viewer's minds including the origins of the conflict, the potential for further war which could endanger the Mid Rim, and if some of the more vicious rumors are factual.

Good morning, thank you for offering your time to Stellar! for this interview.

"The morning is sufficient, however, you are welcome." The Exarch of the Confederacy is dressed carefully in a shade of grey. The young woman wore an overcoat that was decorated with beadwork, stitching, and embellishments that were symbolic of House Talon. One of her siblings had perished in the initial bombardment of Eshan City. The time of mourning had not yet passed, nor would it, while much of her homeworld was still so wounded.

The Galaxy is posing a simple question; Why? Why was the invasion of Eshan necessary? What prompted such swift military action from the Confederacy when Eshan is so far from your sphere of influence?

Her expression would remain empty, frozen, is a mask of perpetual indifference. Many people seemed to mistake her silent expressions for apathy. When it came to Eshan, she was anything, but apathetic. "That question is not simple. There are many reasons, and none, that can be succinctly explained in the time slot allotted for this broadcast. I will keep it brief. My people were...", Srina would pause, searching for words, but finding them all lacking. Echani prefer body language to communicate. A Holo-Vid Interview was most unsettling. "They were dealt a severe injustice that could not be ignored. Eshan is my home. The Confederacy is friendly with it's Queen. Distance is irrelevant. We have crossed the galaxy more than once to right a wrong. To correct, a problem. It was not the first time. It will not be the last."

Does the Confederacy of Independent Systems see Eshan as a political protectorate? Will the Vicelord and his Viceroyalty declare war on any foreign power who claims Eshan for themselves?

"I cannot speak for the Vicelord, or the Viceroyalty, as they are many, and I am one. What I can do is view our foreign policy, which has been announced publicly, in an objective fashion. Eshan needs time to grieve and rebuild. My people cannot do that with other nations prying into their affairs and vying for their territory. Should the sovereignty of Eshan become compromised via outside interference the Confederacy will respond imminently."

Local reports have said the conflict between the Confederacy and Mandalorian Empire has resulted in extreme infrastructural damage. Will the Confederacy replace this infrastructure? What estimates can be made as to the completion of such work?

"The Confederacy will aid Eshan as much as the Queen and Ecahni Command will allow. My home is proud." That was an understatement. Echani preferred to do for themselves. The notion of things having gotten so out of hand, so quickly, that they let a nation of mechanical monsters fight in their stead? If she hadn't of walked with the Queen into the fray...She would have never believed it herself.

Can you confirm or deny the rumors that squads of Confederate aligned agents targeted Mandalorians in medical facilities during the invasion?

Srina's eyes closed at this query but it was not with fear or any emotion so fleeting. When they opened her gaze settled on her interviewer. They were cold, quiet, but more than anything filled with a sense of truth. War was never fair. "I can confirm that. I am sure that field reports, if released, would also reveal the same. The Echani and Thyrsian people that were massacred in Eshan City under foolish pretenses were not given an ounce of mercy. There was no evacuation. No concern for innocent lives. While we sought to spare my people, as much as we could, the Clans had no such reserve. With that in mind, it should be noted that all of the former Empire became targets. For daring to remain on the soil that they so easily desecrated...We did not hold back."

Your time and honesty has been much appreciated, Exarch, is there anything you would like to say to the galaxy at large?

"I am not foolish enough to think that the galaxy at large wishes to hear what I have to say s there are men and women that are far greater.", Srina admitted earnestly, openly, insinuating that her role in the grand scheme of things was small. She was an Apprentice, after all, in a shifting reality. "Though...If anyone does choose to listen—I say to our allies: Go home. Go home to your friends, to your family, and to whatever it is that you hold dear. Be strong in the days to come. Be resilient. The Confederacy will never surrender and neither should you."
Good afternoon, thank you offering your time to Stellar! for this interview.

Valdus leaned back in the chair durasteel chair that had to be brought in to accommodate his size. His arms were crossed in front of his chest, his right hand clasping his left tricep armor. After the droid finished his statement Valdus tilted his helmet forward in what could be considered half of a nod of recognition. His golden trimmed, ornate visored helmet continued to look forward and down at the droid until the droid continued.

The galaxy has watched with confusion over what is to be made of this Eshan conquest and what is being called a liberation by the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Why did the Mandalorian Empire claim Eshan, what could the Mandalorian Empire offer the people of Eshan that they could not provide for themselves otherwise? Safety? Economic ascension? Technological innovation?

Valdus' head tilted backwards, a his right hand's index finger lifting and then coming down against his right tricep armor in an audible clank, "Claim?" he started, the voice rumbling in a growl, "A word with so many hidden and dishonest meanings." A long pause ensued before he began to speak once more, "The Mandalorian Empire did not make a claim on Eshan beyond bringing another warrior culture into the fold. Martial prowess and conquest are inherent in the Mando'ade as well as the Echani cultures, what would the Confederates know about true conquest? What explination must be made and to who?" The finger tapped again, "As with all governments in the Mandalorian Empire, Eshan would have been self-ruled. Mutual trade agreements, defense pacts, and the continuation of a shared cultural values would have been the benefit. Despite what others may say as the truth, that is the truth."

What can the galaxy expect to see in terms of potential conflict with the Confederacy of Independent Systems and the Mandalorian Empire? Is there cause for concern that the hostilities can escalate into a war within the Mid Rim? Is the Mandalore interested in a diplomatic approach or is this incident beyond diplomatic remedies?

Valdus took his time listening to the question and thinking it over before responding, "The Confederates have set in place a blockade around Eshan. It is the mutual understanding that neither the Confederates nor the Mando'ade will make attempts at ... claiming ... Eshan or her people. The Confederates in return for this truce, have agreed to leave Westralis out of their blockade of the sector as a condition of the Mandalorian Empire's agreement." Valdus' head tilted back and to the right as he spoke this next part, "However, if any should make an attempt on claiming any planets near the Mando'ade, including Eshan, they will not be able to hide behind words and politics. I have nothing left to say to you on this matter."

Concerns have been raised about the validity of orbital based bombardments being used in urban environments, it is well known that the Mandalorian Empire used such a weapon in the conquest of Eshan. The destruction resulting from which has been the scene of much debate. Can you give our viewers a definite account of how this weapon was utilized, its destructive capabilities, and its potential use in further conflicts?
Valdus' head returned to the normal position, looking down at the droid, "I was not there during the bombardment. I was brought in to repair the damage done and what I went to repair was far less devastating than what was wrought by and during the Confederate incursion. I will not bend facts in the name of diplomacy nor will I make answers for the actions of other clans. However ... orbital bombardment has been used by every major faction in this galaxy. The validity of the tactic speaks for itself, unless validity means how you feel about it instead of the results as a battlefield tactic. Since this seems to be about feelings, then know that this orbital strike was a precision strike that had minimal civilian causalities - the damage, besides destroyed windows, was limited to a small area of one or two blocks. In comparison orbital bombardments can leave entire cities in ruins or entire regions in smoldering ash and rubble. What happened on Eshan was extremely restrained." With that Valdus went silent until the next question.

Eye witness statements of strange individuals attacking both Mandalorian and Droid forces during the invasion have been made. Is it true that an ally betrayed the garrisoning forces? If so, who was responsible for this? What will the Mandalore do about such incidents of betrayal?

Valdus' hand clenched his armor plating about his arm as the next question was asked, his response was one of barely contained rage "Te'aruetyc hut'uun Tathra. [The traitorous coward, Tathra.]" The helmet's output sung with static as the Mandalorian inhaled then exhaled. "Yes, what you have heard is true. These dishonorable traitors lead by their deceiver decided to slaughter my brothers and sisters in the guise of an ally." The growling voice did not subside but instead grew in fury, "The Mand'alor's actions are their own, I do not speak for the Mand'alor. I speak for myself when I say that I made an oath to find who was responsible for the massacre of the Echani non-combatants that day and to put them down as viciously as they had done to my brothers and sisters." The fuming voice quieted for now, awaiting the next question.

Your time and honesty has been much appreciated, Alor, is there anything you would like to say to the galaxy at large?

Valdus put his hands on his knees and pushed himself into a stand as the droid began to ask his next question. Looking directly at the holo-receiver, the booming voice directed at an enemy he could not see but knew was watching. "Tathra Khaeus, I know who you are, I have witnessed what you have done and you will not escape your reckoning. Pray to Kad Ha'rangir that you are found by someone other Clan Bral ... your death will not be swift nor will it be honorable, traitorous filth." With that Valdus turned from the holo-receiver and departed with the churning of mechanized joints and the thuds of his beskar boots impacting the floor.