[background=[size=7]The New Face of Chiss Space[/size]​
[background=[b]The interview began with a Chiss standing still, dressed in a finely-pressed black military uniform, which had red piping and some gold trim. His eyes were crimson, almost glowing, his hair was neat and brushed back, and a scar ran up the length of his forehead over his left eye. Mitth'orn'eruod was no stranger to such media interactions, having done some for the CEDF, so he was calm and collected.[/b]
[background=[size=4]"Hello, I am Vice Admiral Thorne of the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force, serving the Chiss Ascendancy and its people," Mitth'orn'eruod began, using his simplistic core-name for the benefit of non-Chiss viewers. "Thank you for having me, I appreciate the opportunity to speak about the Chiss."[/size]
[background=[size=4]"Good evening, thank you for offering your time to Stellar! for this interview. As many may already know you and your supporters have recently been engaged in what is being described as the "Chiss Civil War". What sparked this conflict between your people? What planets were affected?" asked the unseen media droid, the viewer looking through their eyes.[/size]
[background=[size=4]Mitth'orn'eruod inclined his head in a nod, looking to the droid, as a small smile passed his lips. "You are welcome, thank you." The Chiss listened as the media droid asked its questions, face somewhat neutral. "As to the claims of civil war, yes, they are true. Recently an occupying force entered into questionable agreements with our governmental leadership. These representatives, unfortunately, acted against the wishes of a large portion of Chiss and were proven to have accepted various benefits from the Jen'ari Empire's takeover of our region of space." There was a clench of jaw, as Mitth'orn'eruod thought back to the corrupt ruling houses and their crimes against the Ascendancy.[/size]
[background=[size=4]"What do you believe is the severity of the damage done to the planets involved? Will your regime be able to rebuild?"[/size]
[background=[size=4]"The civil war has damaged much, which is an eventuality that couldn't be avoided," Mitth'orn'eruod said simply, as he moved his hands behind and clasped them at the small of his back. "The largest single cost of this situation is the loss of Chiss lives. Buildings can be repaired, resources can be reclaimed, but once an individual dies there is nothing to be done. Sadly, some confused Chiss that aligned with the Jen'ari were killed, as well as Chiss that supported the Ascendancy. Our hope is that they will rest peacefully knowing things have already begun to move toward a favorable resolution for the Chiss as a whole... we will never be subject to a tyrannical occupier again, not the Jen'ari Empire or the Iron Empire or anyone who seeks to move against us. We are a proud and independent people, and will not suffer collars on our necks."[/size]
[background=[size=4]By the end of the statement, Mitth'orn'eruod's eyes were intense and his voice raised above the usual tone. He inclined his head, features softening, as the media droid spoke up next...[/size]
[background=[size=4]"What can you promise the galaxy with your elevation to a major galactic power? What do you promise your people?"[/size]
[background=[size=4]"Both promises are interchangeable, if boiled down to a simplistic explanation," Mitth'orn'eruod said, face passive once more. "Our sole purpose is to investigate, reinforce and protect the planets in the Unknown Regions. Our people have been a consistent shield against the dangers of the Unknown Regions, keeping considerably lethal and destructive threats from moving toward known space and the coreworlds. While some might question our motives, it is also quite simple: if we don't, we will be the first destroyed. So our need for protecting and securing our region of space is paramount to the survival and continued harmony of the Chiss and those we keep from invading forces toward the core."[/size]
[background=[size=4]"That is, and always has been, our purpose and promise. Keep the Chiss, and through those same efforts much of the galaxy, safe from threats in the Unknown Regions and Extragalactic sources. And by being out from beneath the Jen'ari Empire's thumb, we can expand and do this more fully and effectively."[/size]
[background=[size=4]"Does your regime have any allies that can ensure your new found independence in these turbulent times? Are you in search of additional allies?"[/size]
[background=[size=4]Mitth'orn'eruod smiled. "We have some allies, yes, without whom our efforts to be free of the Jen'ari would have taken considerably longer," He said, before raising an eyebrow at the droid. "And given the galaxy is going through turbulent changes, the Chiss have adopted newer stances with interaction and contact with others in the galaxy. I am not afraid to say the Chiss have been seen as xenophobic, simply due to being isolated and reluctant to join the galaxy proper in large numbers, but with new leadership so has there been a push for positive change and a willingness to discuss all manner of mutually beneficial relations with others."[/size]
[background=[size=4]"In fact, with the removal of the Jen'ari supporting ruling houses, the Chiss Ascendancy has opened its doors to talented and skilled individuals whom feel they might have something to offer toward our efforts in the Unknown Regions," The Vice Admiral smiled. "So those who want to do their part, to protect others from such threats that we face, we encourage you seek out the Chiss and speak with us. We will not turn away any seeking to solidify relations, so long as they are willing to pursue that security and protection I spoke of before."[/size]
[background=[size=4]"Finally what are your plans for the future in regards to your enemies? Do you plan to pursue them or are you looking for peace through diplomacy? And why?"[/size]
[background=[size=4]"I will say that, following discussions and negotiations, the Jen'ari have vacated Chiss Space with an agreement of neutrality," Mitth'orn'eruod chuckled, letting out a small exhale. "As far as we are concerned, the corrupt influence of the Jen'ari and the puppet Chiss leadership have been dealt with. And while we do not seek to have retribution or revenge, we will not hesitate to defend ourselves from the Jen'ari or other oppressive governments or groups that think us weak and unprepared... we Chiss have been at war for centuries, fighting things most of you have no concept of such things even existing, so we have the means and determination if tested."[/size]
[background=[size=4]"Nonetheless, we will continue to tame the Unknown Regions, which benefits both the Chiss and other citizens of this galaxy."[/size]
[background=[size=4]"Thank you again for your time."[/size]
[background=[size=4]"Thank you." Mitth'orn'eruod nodded again.[/size]

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