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"Turns out Janira's alive," the voice says, but it's too dark to see much, "At least, part o' her. Clones... It's one of the few things I know 'bout. Cal told me some. Explained. She ain't my sister. Not really. Has none of my sisters pride. if I'm bein' honest, it's what I miss the least about Janira."
The figure lights up a cigara and the wet eyed face of Zandra is illuminated for a few seconds.
"I guess I could think o' this like a reset button. Take Rawnie and Corrin. Let 'em meet their... aunt, I guess. Might be nice. I ain't seen family in... too long ta remember. Come to think of it, been a while since I saw my kids too. I wonder if they miss me...?"
She paused, thick black smoke is illuminated faintly by the tip of the cigara as she exhails.
"It's now been about a year and a half since I saw Cal. I've turned over Nal Hutta, Tatooine, Coruscant, Roon, Kamino, Nar Shadaa, Made my way over to Mustafar even, Yavin, and all eyes are on the look out on Mandalore. Nothing yet. But I got eyes everywhere. I ain't done lookin'. I ain't hopeful, mind ya, but I'm still gunna look. I'll turn this Galaxy upside down. Mark my words. I ain't afraid to cause a fuss. I ain't afraid to lose blood or lose sleep."
Another pause as the bright tip of the cigara once more illuminates the smoke cloud.
"I been sendin' out messages. Makes it easy for bounty hunters ta find me, but it also makes it easier for him to find me. Cal. If he's out there at all, if he's alive, he'll follow. Or he wont. At this point in my life, it doesn't make too much difference."
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