Location: Outer Rim - Deep Space
Date: 860s ABY

With a flashlight in hand, Didodoros looked around at the dark ruins. Him and his friends had decided to sneak out on a little adventure into the massive, abandoned space station their clan's colony ship had docked with. The adults of the clan had told the children to stay away from it. But the group of brave, yet childish explorers couldn’t resist the promise of adventure.

“What do you think happened? Why is it abandoned?” One of his friends said. Skittishly darting the radiant cone provided by her flashlight around her.

“Hmm… maybe it was Starweirds…” A boy said ominously before letting out a mischievous giggle.

“W-What’s a Starwierd?” Diodoros asked as the group and him continued walking down the dark halls of the space station.

“Oh they’re mean. Like ghosts that live in deep space.” He replied to Diodoros. “I heard they can show up anywhere, even in hyperspace. They get into ships and kill everyone in sight. Worst of all, they can’t be hurt.” The explanation sent a powerful shiver down Diodoros's spine. The idea of some scary ghosts just showing up out of the blue and killing everyone. He wanted to believe this was just some spooky story, that no such monsters could exist.

“R-Really? That can’t be real.” Diodoros said back to him, his body betraying his fear as he shivered.

“Uh huh! my dad told me. He said another clan was going with their ship to the firefist galaxy. But they never made it, he said they disturbed a nest of Starweirds.” That was terrifying to Diodoros, how could an entire clan of mighty Firrereo get wiped out by them. “I even heard that’s how Orion died too. One flew into his room at night and-”

“Shut up you idiot! Orion died of a tree nut allergy. Don’t say stupid stuff like that.”
Despite her christening the gossiping boy, but he couldn’t help but let out a humored laugh over getting Diodoros so scared. She looked over to Diodoros, unintentionally blinding him some with her flashlight. “Ignore him Dio, he’s just trying to scare us.” Unfortunately for Diodoros he was already terrified now with the idea of Starweirds.

Now thoroughly spooked and unnerved the group of small boys and girls continued. All of them shared a collective fright as they heard the noise of something in one of the rooms they passed. Together they opened the door, not seeing anything at first. Until a screeching mynock fluttered out, batting its wings around them. The group of golden children screamed out in fear from the flying creature scaring them. Even though it was largely harmless to them.

The group of children continued shouting and screaming as they made their way back to their clan’s colony ship. Once they were safe and all accounted for. The group of reckless kids were chastised. But at least now learned why the space station was abandoned. Ruined by a mynock infestation. With this information the clan quickly left the derelict station. Not wanting it to spread to their nomadic home. Leaving the station to drift alone in the dark vacuum of space. Light years away from even the nearest asteroid.