You're live in studio with Allo Tan and today is an exciting day because we have Alen Na'Varro with us! Say hello, Alen!
Wow, so great to have you on! I mean, you've won GQ magazine's Man of the Year six times, Female Sentients magazine's Smile of the Year twice, and are a top ten ping-pong player in Fringe space! And I understand that you were something of a phenom in the fighting pits as a young man! Quite the list of achievements!
I, uh ... thank you, Allo. Very kind.
No problem at all, my friend! Now, I understand that it's fighting business that brings you to our studios today?
Yeah, it is actually. We're holding a tournament here on Sullust to determine the best young fighter in the galaxy. Between you and me, Allo, it's going to blow the roof off the Biodrome Arena. It's a great chance for Sullustans to get out there and see some of the best up-and-coming talent of a very promising generation.
Now, that's a big call! Your generation had some of the greats of all time, Ashin Varanin, Darron Wraith, Siobhan Kerrigan, Mikhail Shorn, yourself-
Hahaha, that's very flattering, thank you.
Do you really think that this upcoming generation can match them?
You know, when I look at these kids coming through, I'm quite impressed. Aela Talith is one to watch, in my opinion. A lot of power, a lot of skill, and she fights like she has ten times the experience. A lot of the others, I haven't seen in person, but all are pretty accelerated for their age. Sabena Shai from the Galactic Republic is someone I've heard great things about.
I understand that your tournament holds seven force users and one non-force user. How do you rate his chances despite his obvious disadvantage?
Quite highly. I don't know Rook personally but I know that he's a special forces operator, and highly regarded in that field. He's a canny, resourceful fighter and I'm sure he's got as good a chance as any at winning this thing.
Now there's a rumour that his first opponent will be a Sith? Can you confirm or deny?
I can confirm that. These kids need to learn to fight against those they'll be trying to kill for real. And this sends them a message ... that they'd better not lose.
On that note, that's all we have time for! Thanks for your time, Alen, and for all you listeners, be sure to listen in for more interviews about this exciting tournament. But now, we'll move on to the smooth sounds of Rax Olanda and the New Cantina Band, with Blue Harvest...