[background=Dear Ma,[/font]

[background=It's me again, and no I don't need cash.[/font]

[background=Just had some time and I wanted to write. Not really sure what to write about but I guess it'll come as I write. There were some ongoings at Tatooine learned a lot about myself there. Also, gained another master, she's a cool cat. Heh, really, a cool cat - Felacatian to be exact. But that's just part of it I guess, I found out that I'm not actually Seiger's kid. Which, we knew right? So it left the [/font][background=[size=4]open-ended who was or is my father, but as it turns out. The Force has a sense of humor or is extremely cruel. I, I don't actually have one, no. Yours truly came about by Force and by women, sound funnier than it is. I was born from this Brentaalian aristocrat, Valessia Creed, nee Brentioch. Between this Valessia and Siobhan, you got me. Turns out, Valessia after giving me up eventually married Gunther Creed some big ol[/size][background=' Epicanthix colonel and had two kids with him.[/font][/size][/indent]

[indent=1][size=4][font='courier new'][background=Met my sister, Alessandra.[/font]

[background=I have a brother too.[/font]

[background=But I guess with all that came the reality of learning just where I fit in. Valessia isn't like Siobhan, Siobhan was quick to cast me aside paint me as some Sith-Lite kid when I had been taken by the Ren. From what I got to see and hear, Valessia actually gives a damn. But, I figured it didn't really change much I mean it's ... it gives me more I guess is the best way of putting it[/font][background=[size=4]. Because[/size][background= I have you and Gallar and Esme... then I have Old Man Starchaser, who let's be honest is probably the better father figure between him and Seiger. But I just yeah, not sure where it all fits together but I - I don't know what I'm doing.[/font]

[background=Not sure if this Jedi thing is a farce or fluke or both. But, I'm definitely trying and learning - enrolled myself back into [/font][background=[size=4]university. Habat has this holonet[/size][background= programme, figured to do the rock thing since all I end up doing is studying the crystals I collected back on that one trip. Pretty sure I told you about it but in case I haven't, it was, it was after you -... well, it was after you brought me back from the brink of death. After Mustafar, I needed that time to figure myself out before going back to the Ren. I read up on this essentials guide to lightsaber crystals by [member="Jorus Merrill"].

[background=Decided to hit him up, and while I was at it. I hit up [member="Alkor Centaris"], and not that I knew who he was but I had ... [background=[size=4]well, he was in the same place I was. Back on Sanctuary so, I figured with me bein' hoverchair bound I'd need the extra get around. So between the three of us, we hopped ships and boats going around the galaxy collecting crystals. Some new, some old, and everything else the Galaxy had to offer. It was a way[/size][background= of putting my mind at ease and I guess I need to do that again. Probably now more than ever, I know that I want to do this Jedi thing and not sure if I'm going about it the right way I guess.[/font]

[background=I'm rambling now, probably means I should stop.[/font]

[background=Sitting here in Mara's end of the cargo bay. Just, missing you I guess but I'm not ready to come home not just yet. I will though, I promise. I will come home when I'm not sure, but I'll keep writing you until then. Also, if you hear anything about an incident at the Wicked Womp Rat - yeah that was probably me. It's where I met Mara actually, not sure if you've heard of her she's this older Jedi Master got a firm hand I'll tell you that.[/font]

[background=But, I needed it I suppose.[/font]

[background=Anyway, I better get off this cushion before I end up snoozing in it. Maybe I can get a few of my assignments done while I wait for Shia.[/font]

[background=Give Esme and Gallar my best.[/font]

[background=- Mishel.[/font]

[background=P.S. I'm always grateful for all that you've done. <3[/font]