who was or is my father, but as it turns out. The Force has a sense of humor or is extremely cruel. I, I don't actually have one, no. Yours truly came about by Force and by women, sound funnier than it is. I was born from this Brentaalian aristocrat, Valessia Creed, nee Brentioch. Between this Valessia and Siobhan, you got me. Turns out, Valessia after giving me up eventually married Gunther Creed some big ol[/size]


. Habat has this holonet[/size]

, and not that I knew who he was but I had ...
, he was in the same place I was. Back on Sanctuary so, I figured with me bein' hoverchair bound I'd need the extra get around. So between the three of us, we hopped ships and boats going around the galaxy collecting crystals. Some new, some old, and everything else the Galaxy had to offer. It was a way[/size]