The Spacer Guild condemns the latest executive order from the Vicelord of the CIS. We reject the Confederacy First doctrine, which ignores civilian ships in harm's way and blocks fair travel along five of the galaxy's six most vital hyperlanes.

Previously, the CIS stationed first-response ships outside their borders to answer distress calls. The executive order ends this practice, making interstellar transit more dangerous for civilian travelers.

"I'll step up to rescue these people the CIS are abandoning," said Captain Kelsie Sylvan, an independent shipper. "A lot of us will, but there's only so many of us."

Just as concerning is the border lockdown that the executive order calls "the conclusion of unrestricted access to and transit across Confederate space by non-resident or non-corporate entities."

"What does 'political and corporate allies' even mean?" said Sor-Jan Xantha, a shipmaster in the freight business. "Customs and border patrol is conducting political card-carrying checks on the hyperlanes?"

The nature of the restrictions are, at this point, unknown. What is certain is that they would apply indiscriminately to anyone who is not a CIS resident or approved corporate partner - the millions who rely on the Hydian Way, the Rimma Trade Route, the Mara Corridor, the Corellian Trade Spine, and the Corellian Run.

"So let me get this dank ferrik straight," said Jerec Asyr, a Spacer Guild representative. "An independent refugee ship heads for OPA space on any major lane, maybe the CIS turns them back to freeze, maybe they get slapped with a megaton of paperwork and housed in a nice workhouse factory until all the fees clear?"

The executive order is especially unpopular among spacers from worlds close to the CIS. Carc Yue, a Sullustan spacefarer, had this to say: "The CIS owns the lanes on both sides of Sullust, but we're a free planet in the OPA. Now if any Sullustan tries to go literally anywhere, we need the Feds to sign off? This policy may not be intended to discriminate against us, but that's the effect."

Quick facts
  • The Spacer Guild represents over 2,500 independent civilian vessels across the galaxy.
  • The CIS claims authority over the Hydian Way, the Rimma Trade Route, the Mara Corridor, the Corellian Trade Spine, and the Corellian Run for at least 10,000 light-years each.
  • Vessels wishing to travel without CIS interference can contact the Guild at the attached comms number for advice and assistance.