New Year, New Me! Let's get things going again!
Except, that may not be the case for me this time.
Everybody's lives are probably pretty crazy hectic things, there is no denying of that, so maybe that's no valid reason for what's about to come next. But whatever.
Next time I leave, I should also bother to say a word about it.
And I hope the next time is either today or never again, because honestly I'm just as tired of jumping from "100% 24/7 ULTRA SUPER MEGA ACTIVE" mode to "does he even exist anymore?" indefinite LOA as maybe some of you are.
But long story short, about what happened last autumn and why I left so suddenly:
  • school started
  • I had one single free weekend during this entire autumn/winter period
  • I lost my grandmother to cancer after half a year of torment
  • I also took courses in a university
  • I started a project that demands quite a lot of attention
  • got a promotion, which means - of course - a ton of additional work
  • have been working on getting a job in yet another organisation
  • my Skype account I used for Chaos stuff was deactivated because Microsoft thought it had been hacked into... and of course it doesn't let me activate it again >.>
Huh, well, yeah. That's about it. Of course having free time has now become a dream of mine, which is rather tedious.
I guess only time will tell whether I'll stick this time or just dissolve into darkness again.
But I just had to post this.