Okay, I'm not normally one to try and start crap with people, but things are beginning to get ridiculous. In a place that is meant to be fun, why do we have so much petty, ridiculous fighting? Why do allow people to goad others into an argument without some kind of punishment? When people post things like pictures, images, gifs, or comments intended to offend another member of this board, something should be done! I can think of a few people in particular who like to take things way to far, and they always get off with no issues. I remember being in skype chats with a certain member of this board long ago where I would end up leaving because he gave me panic attacks because of the nature of his 'jokes'. Are these really the kinds of people we want on this board?

Now I understand that things happen and people argue. That's normal in any community and I'm not calling for harsh punishments over every little fight that occurs. However, some people on this board will go out of their way to target, bash, hate, and troll people they don't like to the point that it makes them leave the board, often forever. I come here to relax and have fun, but now I constantly worry that if I disagree with someone in a thread, I'm going to be run off of the board. I get nervous about reaching out to new people to RP with because I don't want to run into someone who will decide they hate me and spend their time making my life a living hell, which is what some people on this board do.

So I will leave with this message to those of you who like to let your OOC and IC hatred of someone drive you run them off the board.