And wow, I was so not ready for it. It's been so long since I've actually role-played, as managerial duties of the site always seemed more enticing. Fix this, fix that. Do what this member wants, make some stuff, tweak the rules a bit to try and appease the majority of the member base. Tweak some more to make things more chaotic, more interesting.

Deal with members who got way in over their heads on stuff and began to lose a grip on what made role-playing fun in the first place.

And then I started role-playing again. It first came out of a want to do so again. Plenty of role-players defended me in my wish to do so, saying stuff like "he owns the place, he should role-play" or "I can't wait to role-play with you Tef you should come on in, water's warm." Obviously, I take this with a grain of salt, as the motives behind some members are not as transparent in their interactions as I try to be myself. So my first thought was, go back to yo roots, dude. I used to role-play a Yuuzhan Vong character named Artemis Obauldi back at The Gungan Council, and wanted to spin off of him into something new. He had such lush storylines, and plenty of people have that one iconic character they just can't let go of - well, he's mine. On top of that, this decision was made at a time that the buddies from my gaming group - some of the first role-players here - started a Sith Faction. Perfect! Couldn't work out better.

So I got involved, and got instapromoted to a leadership position in the Faction. Whatever, I like making art and helping the members, and like everyone else - I have my own ideas for my characters, which just so happen to align with their own. Who doesn't wanna role-play with friends? It seemed natural. Well, it became unnatural the day I asked the very weary leadership of the One Sith to let me take over the negotiations for Invasions in an attempt to dissuade reports from being created and RPJ's from being invited to the conversation. I felt that I could help bring an element of calm negotiation to what has been, so far, a very competitive environment.

Boy, was I dead wrong.

RPJ's are being lead to the slaughter out here in the wilderness, being forced to make judgements if a certain faction doesn't back down. I mean, that's why I created them, and knew they were doing their job - and informed each one to ignore I was their Administrator - but damn. It's been the Wild West out here so far. So many shots have been fired I'm not clear on who shot first (Greedo, maybe?) and more importantly, I know it doesn't matter. I'm probably at fault, others are probably at fault, but in the grand scheme of things - it's just a scuffle. It doesn't matter, or in my opinion, it shouldn't. I just hope some people can get their heads clear and realize that this isn't life. This is entirely fictional. What we do doesn't matter - how we treat each other does. It's incredible to believe a colored cloud on a map can escalate emotions so rapidly.

I think I've done some good so far with the Republic negotiations, as we're finally agreeing on stuff and having pleasant discussions, but this is a never ending battle against people who take the Major Faction game way too seriously - and those who just wanna have Michael Bay direct our threads. Yeah, I forced the report on the three factions asking to simultaneously attack the One Sith, because I was defending my member's interest - if it had succeeded, we'd have to split our members four ways, and this was just going to be an instakill. Who wants that? Maybe you do. But I don't want to see the rules win Invasions - or a RPJ forced to make a judgement - because members are interpreting the rules in a way that says "If you guys don't agree on something, you should invite an RPJ to see who he sides with." That's not how it's supposed to work. That's not how it was intended to work. That snippet of the rules is as follows:



Those two words are located in the first sentence, plain as day. It is not fair, nor balanced, to force a Faction to accept terms because you don't agree to their's. You're supposed to find a middle ground. That's what the RPJ's are there to help you do. They were created as mediators, moderators. But they're being treated like weapons. That's my take on it. I'll leave my official report in a spoiler at the bottom, with some concerns for privacy removed.

I like it down here in the pits. I wish to remain down here in the pits and help those who want to have fun have as much as we can, while also pursuing my own goals as a role-player, my own wants and needs. But while I'm down here, I can't partake in Staff judgements... so I plead to the community, please stop trying to take advantage of them.

We're not too far gone that we can't.*

*Walking Dead Reference