When get the stick up my ass, I come here, and I post all I feel, why? Cause this is muh space, and here I can be whatever I want..kinda.

One: I hate the elitist here, feels like communism done poorly.

Two: I hate the Sith here, they feel like Jews done right.

Three: The Chaos God is picky, and choosy, its human nature, and I am okay with this...kinda.

Four: I am a troublemaker, the world needs them. Up yours people who are goody too shoes. Live a little, and be a rebel! #ITSATRAP!!!

Five: I am the Oogie Boogie Man!!

Six: The internet is a scary place, and some of the people here have shown me this...I am scarred for life.

Seven: RPing doesn't actually help your writing, it actually drains most of your muse, and kinda chains your writing skills some. It does make practice, but it's not what helps with the writing the most.

Eight: I am a normal human being, meaning I have a normal state of mind, and have a hard time understanding certain things the way people feel, and think with such open minded ways, that's who I am, I was raised by people stuck in the 70s and 80s. I also live in a Christian household, to which I somewhat respect. Deal with it, you're nothing special with your open minded ways compared to me. (there is always a bigger fish).

Nine: I find Chaos lacking in good judgement calls, that is human nature, I deal with it if I can't fix it. I come here, and I post snarky things.

That is all, there is no tenth.