The holonet recording would be broadcast across the galaxy - to covens on planets not yet conquered, to the offices of intelligence agencies, and to Sith be they hidden or open in their worship. It would show a scene of Korriban, Dresdae at the under-construction Grand Pyramid of the Sith'ari; the place which the Worm Emperor is often believed to stay. A crowd in holy black garb mumble among one another as the Praetorian Guard walk to the balcony and glance over the collected congregation. After a moment, a massive figure - in black robes and multiple gold masks would step out and look with empty eyes upon the consecrated crowd. His words were unaffected by magnification technology, simply booming between the buildings and people gathered - many of their heads lowering as they quietly began to pray.

"Children of the Force.", his voice offered as the cloak shifted slightly in the wind.

"You have gathered here and across the Galaxy to hear my teachings - as so many of the Sith have who have sworn themselves to the betterment of our Order. Many of you have chosen to pray, others to simply stare in astonishment - but we ask none. We are a symbol, an icon to strive for, but nothing you must worship if you do not seek to. Today we will not speak of divinity, of the ascended pantheon, or even of heretical brethren not yet given the grand epiphany - but to speak on what the principles of the Sith are."

"Something many Sith have forgotten - lost in their grave attempts at bringing about an Order they did not live to see, or fooled into believing themselves above the tenets of the Sith.", the Worm offered in a lower tone.

"What are the Sith, many young have asked. Are we the Order that strives for power for powers sake, to create grand empires that fail when bureaucracy surpasses our means, or the Dark harbingers of an apocalypse yet to come?"

"Where others have taken one of these corrupted ideals and personified them in false Emperor's, crusades with desecrated purpose, and the vain attempt at making themselves immortal Gods - Sith for generations has lost the truth of our Order, muddled behind smoked transparisteel until only their vague outline yet remains. Not the 'Dark Saint of the Sith', or the Emperor of Nepotism can claim such - with broken attempts at repeating the Sith Code without understanding it."

"Peace is a lie. There is only Passion. Through Passion I gain Strength. Through Strength I gain Power. Through Power I gain Victory. Through Victory my chains are Broken. The Force shall free me."

"Many repeat these words, again and again like doctrine - and for hundreds of years many have failed to understand it. Not the Emperor's of old, or the new age, but something deeper - the why of it. The Force as many believe it to be is an esoteric unknowable who's grasp is granted to a select few through right of birth - but that is not the truth. The Force was not always sentient, did not always have a path for us to follow - it was simply a Force of Nature. Grandeious in its scope, it was no different than gravity - yet it permeated all that lived."

"It was used by civilizations such as the Rakata and Gree - but it was the Celestial's who searched its depths greater than any before. Only when the Rakata realized their enslavement did they strike back against the Celestials - and led to the war that would be their supposed downfall. Losing, the Celestial's performed a ritual that sacrificed entire populations to form three beings to sit atop the throne of the Force; the inspiration for what Valkorian would attempt many years later in his own war of the Galaxy, and Darth Sidious again with Operation Cinder."

"Yet only the Celestial's would succeed. They would bring about three to rule the Galaxy, corrupting the Rakata, punishing those that searched the Force's depth with Dark Side Corruption, and entrap those who pushed their limits by ensnaring them in the Tartarus of the Nether - Chaos. The Celestial's control the fate of the Galaxy by chains, guiding fate to their own whims, denying the common man of self determination..."

"This is the point, Children. Acolytes, Lords. The Sith are not 'evil incarnate', but the Chain Breakers. The Freedom Fighters. The River Breakers. We seek not the glory of eternal rule as some have attempted, but the freedom of self determination for all sentient life - so long as they are strong enough to claim it. Free of the grasp of the Celestial's, decided only by their willingness to act on it. The Sith as an Order must gain strength through generations, as Darth Bane had once prophesized, and claim the mantle of the Force from the covetous hands of the Celestials - not be bastardized by the self aggrandized prophets who unwitting act upon the Celestial's grand plan."

"Know this as the greatest truth. Our strength may come from self determination, but we fight for the fate of the Galaxy. To be enlightened in these ways is to know the Sith - and to understand the future we must seek. Victory - and through it, our chains are broken."

"Peace is a lie, my Children. Do not let them misguide you."

And then the broadcast would end, as the covens across the galaxy would begin to act upon their rituals - to break each from the depths of the Force's influence.