[background=She leaned forward, and said [/size][background=The Sith Code rules all things, all creature great and small are governed by the code. This includes your mortal enemy the Jedi, and The Republic. I shall give you example of The Republic following the code, they ruled by orators or politicians if you will. The ones with the greatest passion for it, rise to top. Some times they stab he each other in the back, metaphorically speaking. The Strongest of these people, gain more power, are more likely to win victory in an election. Then there chains are broken, and they set free. The Jedi say they don't use our code, and we are evil. So let's examine them, shall we. They say there is no emotion only peace, then why do they care for the republic, and why do they go to war for it, as if they truly believed those things, they would not care who ruled the galaxy, and not fight to stop it from being us. They say there is no ignorance there is only knowledge, this a perquisite to gaining strength, as that what knowledge is, it is why you are here today. There is no Passion only serenity, this is said to guard themselves from become what nature intended. Yet they do seek power, otherwise why would trials to prove themselves. All predators seek to prove themselves, it is only natural of course. There is no chaos only harmony, they say this as unlike us are lone predators, they are pact predators this is where there true strength lies, and that power of unity gives them victory. There is no death, only the force. This is because unlike us, they are pack predator. So it a way of convincing themselves to sacrifice some if need, so the rest pack can be free.[/size][background= She then leaned back in chair, and asked him. [/size][background=Why is The sith code true all things?[/size]
I just wrote this to explain my view of sith code, just wonder what people thought?