Hello, and welcome to the first installment to my OOC guide to characters. In this blog, I will write about characters found on this site that interest me. But, since this is the very first episode, I'm going to discuss my own characters so far.
Character Guide Episode I: My Girls
My first character, Siriwook, was made on my writer account by accident--which is why I'm referring to her in the third person. Siriwook is a naive girl of Wookiee and human heritage, created as a hybrid by means of Sith Alchemy by her mother, a human-heritage Sith Sorceress of upper class upbringing but modest means named Hy'peria Tri'cho'sia (who suffers from a disorder that causes hair to grow all over her body) and a modest donation of genetic material by her father, a wookiee unfortunately-named Lewdbacca. Raised in almost total darkness in the Shadowlands of Kashyk, Siriwook was abducted at a young age by Trandoshan hunters, a society of kidnappers who kill for sport due to their stupid and backward religious beliefs, that also killed Siriwook's father and entire family at Siriwook's mother's suggestion.
Over a decade later, she rescued herself by getting onto a ship that had been pre-programmed to fly her, specifically, out of Wasskah to safety. However, fearing her destination would be worse, she interfered with the autopilot. After jumping almost at random, she found herself in Galactic Alliance territory, where she began training in the Force under ex-Mando Twi'lek Witch, Cathul Thuku. Under Cathul's tutelage, Siriwook would mostly tend to the wounded and eat ice cream.
My second character, Harry Trichosia, Siriwook's brother, was an infant when his sister was abducted, leaving him to grow up alone with their mother, who used him mainly for manual labor and to make trades of his mother's alchemical goods with mercenaries. He escaped into hologames and holodramas and, using them for inspiration, he ran away from home to join his mercenary friends. He's currently still aboard his getaway vehicle, however, because everyone he comes in contact with holds his narrative hostage.
There's a lot of character development between that and where he's going, and he'll get there soon--if he can only meet someone who doesn't kidnap him.
My third, Lyt Saebr--yes, you read that right--is an it, but don't presume it's not a person. It has feelings. A sentient crystalline being attuned to the Force in a lightsaber shell, he was created by a disgraced substitute gym teacher of a once famous Dark Jedi academy, only to be confiscated by Jedi and put in a box. After surviving the destruction of a few Jedi temples, Lyt was eventually left adrift in space before being found by a blind Sith girl who's really not all that bad. Lyt believes in the Jedi code--mainly because it absorbed almost a century and a half of Jedi culture--but feeds off of dark-side energies, making him uniquely qualified for the front lines of a war against the Sith.
The fourth character on the list, Sur'tra of the Sun Blade, is the daughter of famous Valkyri shieldmaiden, Hilda Bearnsdottir, and Hilda's husband, a force-user Korun human named Doshal who disappeared under mysterious circumstances in Sur'tra's teens, leaving his possessions and six children, but no parting words, behind.
Determined to find out what happened, Sur'tra took up his weapon, the Sun Blade, a lightsaber for which she became famous in battle, finding she had inherited his unique gifts--unbeknownst to her, the ability to access the Force.
Also left behind by Doshal was a journal referring to a "Silver Jedi" chasing him. After studying it for years, she has deciphered the journal and saved up her money to leave Midvinter in pursuit of this Silver Jedi and her father. Briefly delayed by a meddling droid of little import or honor, she was eventually aided by Rowena Aesir, and the two departed Midvinter on their way to Voss.