Reserved for Senior Assembly Members, these are the diplomats of the order, negotiating with new protectorate worlds and serving as liaisons to other factions.​
Assembly Members: Josh DragonsFlame, Aida Aquila

Historically a small paramilitary force assigned to help Jedi during the days of the Old Republic, the Antarian Rangers have since expanded into a full-scale military, determined to protect those with the Silver Jedi Order's sphere of influence.​

Assembly Members: Valkren Calderon, Junior Councilor Dusaro Dresari
As the name suggests, these are the naval forces of the Silver Jedi Order. With their powerful warships and nimble starfighters, they are ready to provide assistance to local defense forces and stand against enemies of peace and justice.​

Assembly Members: John Locke, Jessica Med-Beq, Gir Quee
The intelligence branch of the Order, tasked with [REDACTED]. Intelligence officers, slicers, covert operations.​
Assembly Members: [CLASSIFIED]​
Separate from the Antarian Rangers, these Jedi warriors help protect the systems within the Silver Jedi's sphere of influence and provides assistance to those who ask.​
Assembly Members: Josh DragonsFlame, Junior Councilor Asaraa Vaashe

With hospital ships, countless healers, and the most advanced medicine in the galaxy, these Jedi stand ready to render aid to all who need it, whether inside or outside of the Order.​
Assembly Members: Aida Aquila, Junior Councilor Rachel Taff

On the cutting edge of science and technology, the Silver Sciences division conducts research and development, helping support the rest of the Order in any way they can.​
Assembly Members: Junko Ike, John Locke, Gir Quee

These brave explorers are on the frontier, scouting not just the worlds the Silver Jedi will encounter, but also those on the Outer Rim and in Wild Space.​
Assembly Members: Yves Galen (NPC, currently), Junior Councilor Cassius Droma

Trained specialists dedicated to supporting the Order of the Silver Jedi. They lend their skills to a variety of fields – agriculture, construction, education, and more! The planetary support provided by these individuals help make the worlds in Silver Space safe and successful. There are many opportunities for pilots, engineers, scouts, teachers, and even farmers!

Assembly members: TBD​

[OOC: We're happy to answer any questions about the different groups within the Order! Please feel free to reach out to the SJO admin team or one of the Assembly Members listed above. We plan to have many opportunities for each group via - dominions, training, faction threads, and more!]​