The Silver Jedi Order is run by the dedicated members of the Silver Assembly as a group. Each individual serves the Order -- and a specific branch. In order to keep things running smoothly, the group is overseen by the Speaker of the Assembly.

The role of Speaker of the Assembly is not necessarily the ‘face’ of the Order. Rather, this individual keeps Order within the many groups, ensuring that they as a whole serve the best interests of the Silvers. The Assembly leader is responsible for overseeing Assembly meetings and calling them to order when needed. Members of the Assembly are respected individuals that have attained Master Rank or an NFU equivalent, and have demonstrated loyalty, leadership qualities, and have shown that they hold the Order's values as their own as well.
A strong community, the emphasis is now placed on building strong foundations and working together to keep Silver Rest and the worlds in the SJO influence safe.



Having chosen to eliminate the positions of Grandmaster and Master of the Order, these high ranking members of the Assembly share the duties previously tasked to those roles. Granted by Assembly Leader, these members act as the face of the Order -- serving as diplomats, when needed, and representatives of the SJO.​

Masters, high ranking members of Navy and Rangers. These members may vote on important Order business and are responsible for playing an active role in the day to day of life at Silver Rest. They may be responsible for running a branch of the SJO, as outlined below.​

A single individual responsible for overseeing the Assembly.​

Held by: TBD​
Awarded based on merit. Characters that have demonstrated leadership qualities and an understanding of the SJO culture. These members may sit in during assembly meetings, but do not vote. Knight level or equivalent NFU rank may assist with running branches of the SJO.​