Artificial intelligence has always had many uses. From simple hacking programs to massive fire wall creation, they're the masters of the cybernetic world. Created to do things no normal human could. Or any sentient for that matter. Which is what brings me to this. The Sith will be creating a new ship, one to tower over the opposition. Yet at the same time, it's meant to be hiding from the galaxy until it's needed. Stealth systems will be built throughout, on top of all the normal systems within such a massive ship. Too many systems for any one person to monitor, but multiple people breed chance of corruption, betrayal, or just general incompetence.
Synthetic Intelligence Computer Application.
A rather catchy name, if I say so myself. With her, the ship will be free from any hacking and run without any fear of betrayal. She will be loyal only to me, keeping the trust circle in a more.. Comfortable area. The last thing I need is someone taking over the ship for their own purposes.
Sica was made right from scratch to prevent any sort of predictability. The programs already in existence would make her easier to corrupt, something that couldn't be afforded. So, the best minds within the One Sith were put together in a think tank. There, new files were churned out like butter. First came all the programs for the basic controls of the ship. How to steer, how to activate the shields, life support, auto defenses, you name it. They had their job, and they did it well.
Or died, as was the nature of the Sith.
Next, advanced calculations. As more or less the true pilot of the ship, she needed to predict any sort of situation and pick the best outcome. So really more than just simple math, though I'm sure Sica turns practically anything into just numbers. Such an advanced calculation as what she has allows her to understand and adapt to every situation she could be thrown into. If it's similar to something she's had to deal with prior, her planning will be that much faster.
All of these programs only made her a simple application on the holonet, Double click, and it runs on it's own. While she could calculate anything, she couldn't do so unless someone put the situation into the computer. She was a glorified calculator, if far more complex. A true intelligence was needed, a code written to allow her to grow and learn.
This program ended up being far more annoying then anyone could have guessed. Made from scratch, even the best minds of the One Sith couldn't make life as complex as she is in hours. It took months upon months for a new code to be cracked, and once it was another problem became clear.
A new base setting meant it had to relearn what many A.I's already know, and while the holonet provided easy access to quite a bit of information, what it learned on there wasn't the best. Sica was a child, curious on every thing, and she was quick to find cute cat videos, the latest and greatest hair styles, and many, many unnecessary additions to her memory banks.
This information was purged as it was found, but as time went on she became far more resilient. She didn't like the idea of not knowing even the dumbest of facts she could get on the holonet, and reluctantly we had to let her keep the files. We could have done a full memory wipe and started anew, but that would take far too long.
Instead, a new personality program was created. And this is where she really becomes a 'she'. This was crafted from my own memories of someone once dear to me. Loyalty was a must, as stated before. Without it, all of this would be for not. But even though she was based of an already existing person, she still became her own.
The files from before caused her to develop her own sense of free will, and more importantly a sort of quirky mindset. While she would do everything she was programmed to, Sica will speak her mind, without hesitation or really a filter. Thankfully, it's not as simple as stating facts, but a colorful array of quips. This uniqueness and almost human quality of hers actually makes her that much harder to hack.
It's almost like trying to hack a humanoid brain.
To be the most effective AI she could be involved putting a lot of information in her however, personal information about the One Sith. Fleet movements, tactics, accurate troop counts. She's essentially a walking database on any and all information the One Sith has within it's military.
To counteract this however, any sort of hack of her program is met with immediate expulsion, falsified files to trip up the hacker, and/or as a last resort, deletion. If it's clear she cannot resist a hacker and they begin to find the real files, she will delete all of them within her database.
Sica herself will still be fine, as loosing her would be a waste of quite a lot of time and effort now, but she won't be as effective. She'd have to relearn all of the information she lost. But thankfully, AI's aren't something any normal, or even advanced, hacker can get into.
A live time defense network was the last thing built into her. Anything such as sabotage, tampering, or attempted hacking within the ship she resides on is met with harsh, swift retaliation. Hackers will find themselves counter hacked, saboteurs will find no way out of where ever they chose to mess with. With the ever expanding mindset of the computer, she could keep track of every single person on any ship, even this especially large one she was made for.
Just the other day she asked me when exactly she would be getting her new body, and I finally had an answer. The One Sith were going to begin one of the largest projects they've ever done, and with it this new AI would not only get the ship running, but keep it that way, and prevent any hacking of the systems within such an expensive vehicle.