Warning: heavy amounts of hyperbole to follow.

This is about some recent (past two months) blog posts I've read, as well as irate OOC posts, most dealing with repeat whiners whining about staff repressing them for whining.

Two things I want to address. First, people saying I'm elitist. Second, people writing about Staff repressing them. I've split them up into two blog posts. So, first thing's first.

Let's start off by getting down why exactly I'm wasting away hours here when I could be outside playing rugby, surfing, or making passes at women way out of my league.

I'm here to keep my writing skills honed and to have fun, in that order. If you're one of those people that is like "Dude, that Shorn guy, what an elitist."


Then the answer is yes. Yes I am. I really have no interest in writing with people who 1. make it impossible for me to be nice to them and 2. are terrible writers.

I started as a terribad writer too (I'd like to think I'm marginally better now), so it's not that that gets me. It's the incessant cries of victimization and finger pointing that gets me. Like I said, I'm here to have fun. Fun does not usually involve listening to an all male cast of Pretty Little Liars, who somehow managed to write a worse script. Does it involve reading those posts out loud over Skype voice? No, not at all. Why do you ask?

It does make me look like this:


Which leads me to point number two under "Things that Make Shorn the Elitist Need Advil."

If you write really really well, but you also write a Force God who is 800 years older than Yoda, 1/4 dog-wolf, 1/4 shi'ido, 1/2 immortal being and 100% better than everybody else, then I want to duel you and cast your soul into the nine realms of Corellian Hell. It's an addiction, I swear. I also find it amusing, which fulfills criterion number 2.

Does that mean I hate new members? Uhm, no. I love new members. I like writing with new people. It's an adventure.

I just don't like writing with people who bring me down... spiritually, ecumenically... grammatically.


So if that makes me elitist, good deal.