NAME: Shaw McKeller
FACTION: Deathwatch (former/rehabilitated), Jedi, Republic, Mandalorian.
RANK: Deathwatch Captain (Former), Jedi, Initiate
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6'6"
WEIGHT: 240lbs
EYES: greyish-blue
HAIR: White
SKIN: Caucasian


  • Ruthless
  • Naturally Skilled in Force Augmentation
  • Naturally Skilled in Force Sever
  • Skilled Melee Combatant
  • Stubborn
  • Relentless
  • Skilled fleeter

  • Slow moving (old hip injury)
  • Usually Impatient
  • Marked Man (Former Deathwatch)
  • Prone to Aggression
  • Stubborn
  • Relentless

Tall and broad, McKeller is the definition of a human wall. He is an older man in his fifties sporting a short beard and cropped hair, both white. A mass of scar tissue covers his left hip and he moves with a stiffened gait, though this is only noticeable when he is fatigued or injured. Other scars cover his body in areas, most notably a burn scar covering his right forearm, claw marks on his left chest, and a handful of pockmarks on his right leg, indicative of bullet wounds. He has greyish blue eyes and a piercing stare, though this is usually covered by his horned helmet.

While much is known about McKeller, a great deal has been lost or hidden after his defection to the Republic and the Mandalorians, away from the Deathwatch. What follows is a small conversation between McKeller and his interrogators.

+++ Begin Recording +++

"Name, year of birth, homeworld, please."

"Shaw McKeller. 787 ABY. Concordia."

"Your current affiliation and rank?"

"Deathwatch. I was a Captain."

"A known criminal organization responsible for untold acts of terror and a known perpetrator of war crimes of which you are a member. And yet you are here. Why?"

"I wish to defect."

"Defect? Why should we let you defect? Why shouldn't we just toss you in a cell to rot or shoot you now?"

"I have information on the inner workings of the Deathwatch and their leadership. I can personally hand them to you in exchange for Amnesty. And as for why you shouldn't just shoot me, I don't think you'd like that outcome. I've been shot before. I don't particularly enjoy it."

"... What information can you give us? Names? Locations? What information?"

*The sounds of a piece of flimsi is heard being unfolded and placed on the table*

"That is the complete list of names and their last known locations."

"How sure are you that this is accurate? Why should we believe you?"

"Because I spoke to name number one last week and he mentioned to me that he was going to Keldabe to meet with our cell there. Name number five was a close friend of mine and helped me put down the Rancor that shredded my hip. I know he'll be there. He owns a home in Sundari and does business with Mandal Hypernautics regularly, though I doubt the company knows of his affiliation. He just likes their cars. Name number eight I served with and pulled out of a fire once. He makes a point of checking in with me periodically. Sees how I'm doing. He is on Concordia. I saw him two days ago. Name number fifteen I don't know the exact location of, but he is somewhere on Myrkr. He likes to go there to replenish his stock of Vornskyrs. He's a Jedi Hunter. He's usually gone for two to three weeks. He left four days ago. I personally witnessed him execute over fifty prisoners of war."

"... This is a substantial list. Why do you think we would give you amnesty for this information?"

"I don't expect it. I don't assume it. I simply ask for it. I have come forward and given you a list of highly dangerous criminals and their locations along with several Deathwatch cells. I simply ask for Amnesty in return."

"You expect us to let you live in the Mandalorian territories without owning up to your crimes?"

"I am already punished for my crimes. I live with them every day. An execution would be, to an extent, a gift. However, I don't plan on living in the Mandalorian Territories. They would find me too easily and attempt to kill me. You can see how that would be annoying."

"... How exactly did you get here?"

"I stole a ship."

"And the blood covering your armor and tracked throughout the ship?"

"They tried to stop me."

"... I see... I will see about what we can do in return for this information. I'll also see about the deportation to Republic space, as you requested per your... abilities. Until then, you'll be held here. I'll return soon."

"I'm looking forward to it."

++++ End Recording +++