3/10. Rise of the Hutt Cartel: The a Expansion comes with Rise of the Hutt Cartel. Don't yell as me for this but I have never played the Republic side so I can talk about the imps only. It is horrible. The romances are horrible, the gameplay is boring, the plot is stupid, and the villain is so stupid that I can't remember his name. The only plus-side is that Makeb is beautiful which is why it got a 3. Also, it comes with SoR now which is nice.
6/10. Forged Alliances: This isn't technically part of the expansion but you need the level 55 level cap to do it. Basically Tython/Korriban gets attacked by mysterious people and you go to mannan to investigate. Then you go to Rakata Prime for a final showdown. It is pretty fun because you actually get attached to the characters you meet. The plot is good but just doesn't make sense on Rakata Prime. That is my only critique. That and the whole thing being but up of Flashpoints.
9/10. Shadow of Revan (KofFE spoilers ahead): Basically in this chapter, you are fighting Revan. At first, you are fighting the Revanites but then the power grows and almost wipes out an armada of Imperial and Republic troopers and the Pubs and Imps have to team up. The final showdown with Revan was amazing and a dramatic finale. This was definitely the best part of this expansion. Everything was suspenseful and amazing. The only bad thing about it is that throughout the whole thing I was hoping that Lana would be a companion. Well... In a month she will be.
8/10. Ziost: I know this is technically not on the expansion but you need to level 60 level cap to do it.Basically the Emperor is possessing everyone on Ziost. The plot is pretty straight forward. Nothing is really wrong with it. Theron didn't make such a big appearance though. It makes a great Daily planet. Mostly because it was so safe to just walk around in.
5/10. Antagonists: This is half and half. The antagonists of Forged Alliances and Rise of the Hutt Cartel weeper so stupid that I forgot their name. Revan and Master Suro/Vitiate we're amazing. They were very intimidating and we're going to kill thousands people.
6/10. Protagonists: The protagonists of RotHC were BORING. Muffs said. Jakkaro was a crazy wookie with a droid as cowardly as C-3PO. He was cool but he didn't stick out at me as much. He was only really cool in Forged Alliances. They was Lana. She is nothing but pure amazing. She is so amazing that I think she may drag my light side Sith Inquisitor to the dark side in the new expansion. Theron is Theron. He's cool but gets annoying every once in the while.
Verdict: 37/60