Name: Jedi Master Kian Karr
Entry Type: Mission summary and evaluation

This is Jedi Master Kian Karr and this is the first of many entries to the Shadow Holocron that I will be making. As a relatively young Jedi Knight, I, along with several others, embarked on a mission to root out Sith infiltrators on the planet of Gyndine. I took charge on the mission alongside Jedi Knight Corvus Raaf and we were accompanied by Jedi Padawan's Uther Weiss and Spike Arrel and Jedi Knight Hakora Cinthra.

Intelligence was scarce on the operation. We were aware that there was a darkside cult forming on the outskirts of the planets capital and that they might have some ties to the local government. We were unaware of how sophisticated the group was.....or how strong those ties were. We knew that the cult was formed by several acolytes who had fled from the One Sith.

In order to keep up the secrecy of the mission, we all left Ossus on public transportation and arrived on Gyndine with various cover stories. We rendezvoused outside the city but Jedi Padawan Uther Weiss never made the rendezvous. He was my padawan. I've not seen or heard from him since. Knight Cinthra was sent into the city to investigate the claims of the ties to the government.

At the compound, we rendezvoused with Jedi Knight Kana Truden, who, unbeknownst to the others, I had sent into the cult undercover as a 'fallen Jedi.' It was her work that had provided us with what information we did have and allowed us to infiltrate the building unnoticed. Once more the groups were forced to split. This time Jedis Raaf and Truden went in search of the security building while Padawan Arrel and myself made our way to the interior of the compound.

It was there that we finally met the leader of the group, Darth Sevena. She was a small framed woman, rather non-intimidating by appearance, but she was a skilled combatant and force wielder. We found, while Jedi Arrel fended off her two apprentices. She wielded a purple-bladed saberstaff and a blended the footwork of Makashi with the aggressive, chaotic attacks of Juyo. I was hard pressed to keep the fight from becoming one sided, and then Jedi Arrel was injured. He succeeded in defeating both acolytes, but lost most of his hand, leaving him out of the fight.

Seeing the opportunity to escape, Darth Sevena fled from the fight, escaping both our pursuit and the pursuit of Jedi Raaf and Jedi Truden. While all this ws going on, Knight Cinthra had discovered that the infiltation of the local government was much greater than any of us had anticipated. We were forced to flee the compound, pursued by the armed guards of the cult.

While I deem the mission a failure, we were successful in unearthing the extent of the infiltration. Several days later, the Republic military moved in and were able to make many arrests of those involved in the cults plotting.

Darth Sevena escaped. We have continued to pursue the charismatic leader of this cult. I am unsure of her aims....and it is rare for me to not understand an enemies motivations. Whatever Darth Sevena's plans are, the Shadows will be there to stop her.