8. The sentient people of the nation are governed only by their actions through the publicly ordained police. The actions of individual persons in designated public zones may not conflict with the nation, under punishment of the publicly ordained police.

There is an established understanding throughout the entire galaxy that law is a natural necessity. This is evident in Imperialism, to one extreme, and even Anarchism in contrast. Over the course of events, the need for law and implemented justice has been made clear, as there are countless examples of individuals who would move to defile the nation. Thus, the nation must instate a publicly ordained police force to execute the law and uphold the sovereignty of the nation from the interior, and preserve the right to free choice while averting any actions by individuals that would bring harm to the people of the nation as a whole. Nations more often fall due to conflict from within than from any external threats.

The provisions for the enforcers of the sanctity of the people (and the enforcers of the defense militaries, as they also preserve the sanctity of the state) are to be the only taxes levied indiscriminately against all the people of the nation, as these roles are vital to the survival of the people and state in any context. Without such institutions, Selectivism would befall the errors of Anarchism, which only provides for the sanctity of the household at the cost of unity of the nation.

- Viola Tave