7. Companies of the Individual are entities registered in designated private zones, and are subject to taxation as they do not provide product or service for the nation.
While the nation of the sentient people is always esteemed above the individual, it is imperative that the undeniable, base right to free choice of all persons is recognized. For this reason, merchant organizations should not be restricted to the previously defined Companies of the Nation. As has been repeatedly stated, the preference of the individual is unhindered as long as it does not rival the progress of the nation, thus averting the dangers of both Anarchism and Imperialism.
The Selectivist state would allow private corporations to produce product and service, as long as they are heavily regulated in order to preserve the unity of the people of the nation and prevent the catastrophe that an unchecked organization inerrantly provokes in its micro-imperialist mission. These Companies of the Individual do not provide product or service in the specific advancement of the nation, and therefore do not qualify for tax exemption or proof of work for the sentient people who may labor within these organizations. Thus, free choice and national progress are both preserved with the allowance of these institutes.

- Viola Tave