6. Companies of the Nation are publicly ordained entities registered in designated public zones, comprised of sentient people of the nation, that provide for the nation in terms of work, product, and service.

Because it is necessary to provide proof of work in order to receive the benefits imparted to those who directly invest in the advancement of the nation, it is self-evident that a sanctioned organization must exist in order to provide proof of work. These Companies of the Nation will be the foundation for the cooperation of the peoples in industry, as disorganization and absolute anarchy dissolve the unity of the people of the nation and unfailingly bring about its collapse. (Such dissolution is most often followed by a new wave of Imperialism.)

Not only do these Companies of the Nation provide recognition of work for individuals, but they are indispensable in supplying the very products and implementing the very services the nation requires to progress and reward the sentient people for their contributions in the public workforce. Thus, the Selectivist state depends on its own function and allows the sentient people of the nation to direct its course, further reinforcing the base right to free choice.

- Viola Tave