5. All sentient people of the nation who provide proof of work in publicly ordained designated public zones are entitled to a salary and use of all public services. Anyone who does not provide proof of work in designated public zones must pay a tax per event of usage of public services.

One of the many doctrines of Imperialism is the constant expansion of both the territory and economy of the nation. While its practices in the pursuit of both of these ends has been clearly disparaged, the ends, in and of themselves, are not evil. The truth that Imperialism does indeed recognize is that stagnation will eventually bring about the fall of the nation. Because this fact is entirely evident and absolutely undeniable, Selectivism would be irrelevant and actually inferior to Imperialism if it did not acknowledge the need for progress.

What the nation requires is an emphasis on the cooperation of all the sentient peoples to advance the nation industrially. This entails the collective people working together in public industry to propel the nation directly, through their manufacturing of product and provision of services for the nation as a whole.

However, it is recognized that forcing the people to collaborate in this measure infringes upon the base right to free choice of the people. The solution, therefore, is to greatly encourage the people of the nation to work for the betterment of the public nation and discourage the work of private interests. To do so, benefits must significantly outweigh those of private ventures, greatly minimizing the private workforce and influencing the people to collaborate and drive the nation towards perpetual progress, but not abandoning the core principles of Selectivism.

Not only does this advance the industry of the nation, but it also empowers the people through camaraderie and knowledge of even the very minute operations of the nation itself. A people who know themselves will not falter.

- Viola Tave