4. All sentient people of the nation have the right to privacy within publicly ordained designated private zones.

In the same sense that one nation cannot impose itself upon another, so the nation-state may not impose itself upon the individual. If it did, then all that the Selectivist stands for would be erased under the governance of his own nation. No, Selectivism must be consistent throughout.

When an Imperialist entity acquires territory, the conquered people are subjugated to its militaristic rule, meaning that anything located within its territory can be possessed on the whim of the presiding people. These actions can prove dangerous, even beyond the annihilation of free choice. Imperialist practices, such as quartering, endanger people to external forces explicitly without consent.

Such is not the case with Selectivism. A sentient individual of the nation is entitled to exercise the right to free choice to any extent as long as it does not affect the choice of the nation. But it would be folly to deny that a peaceful society is utterly impossible without bounds firmly set by the people. In order to establish an environment suitable for this, however, private zones and public zones must be selected by the free choice of the sentient people of the nation to segregate the practice of individuality from national unity, to preserve the identity of both the person and the people.

No one is above or below another.

- Viola Tave